Book an Appointment

Appointments with our Academic Advisors must be booked in advance. To book an appointment please stop by Student Services, Room 102, A. E. McKenzie Building, or call 204-727-9737.

  • A minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required for cancellations.
  • If a student misses 3 scheduled appointments or has 3 short notice cancellations (less than 24 hours)  he/she will be required to meet with a staff member prior to further appointment bookings.
  • If you are late for an appointment you may be required to rebook your appointment.

This procedure has been put in place out of respect for our staff and students.

These policies are subject to change without notice.

Academic Advising for New Students

New students must go to the Course Selection website and follow the instructions for their program in order to book an academic advising appointment. This mandatory advising program is designed to set new students up for success by helping them understand parts of a degree, rules of a degree, and how to use advising resources to plan each academic year.