Learning Skills Workshops

If you missed one of the following workshops last term and would like to review that information, feel free to make an appointment that fits your schedule. 

Make an appointment to review any of these study skills 

What should I expect in first-year?

Whether you are starting first year or returning to university, learn strategies to start this year off right. This workshop will walk you through university expectations and tried-and-true secrets of successful graduates.

How can I decrease procrastination?

This workshop will discuss strategies for increasing concentration and attention, managing your workload, and using the Study Cycle to help stay on track.

How can I take effective lecture notes?

Learn how to identify what’s important in your university lectures, and best techniques to take notes so you set yourself up for success for your first midterms.

How can I get through my textbooks?

If you’re finding yourself re-reading the same pages over and over again, come to this workshop to learn how to get the most out of your textbooks, time and money.

Are there strategies for multiple-choice tests?

When you are prepared for a test, you can turn it into an opportunity to show what you know. This workshop will demonstrate strategies to improve performance and get the most out of your study time.

Should I be studying differently for my courses?

What study strategies will work best for you, and should you do the same thing in every course? This workshop will show you what the research tells us about best study strategies.

How can I improve my memory?

It can be frustrating to read, study, repeat – only to find you don’t remember the material you’ve spent all that time on. Learn strategies to improve your encoding, retention & retrieval.

Please note all times are in the Central Time zone. If you missed a workshop, feel free to book an individual appointment to talk about that content and your courses.