Learning Skills Workshops

Online learning skills workshops cover a variety of helpful study skills. Sessions are repeated to accommodate student schedules. If you can’t make a workshop, just make an appointment that fits your schedule. Please note: all times are in the Central Time Zone.

Success Series F21

Pre-Nursing Series     Music Series

Getting the most out of Online Classes

There can be many adjustments and changes between in person and online classes. In this session, we will explore university requirements and suggestions for learning success.

Tuesday, Sept. 14  12:40-1:30
Wednesday, Sept. 15 8:30-9:20

5 Steps to University Success

Whether you are starting first year or returning to university, learn strategies to start this year off right. This workshop will walk you through tried-and-true secrets of successful graduates.

Thursday, Sept. 16  11:40-12:30
Tuesday, Sept. 21  12:40-1:30

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/96775102742

Summarizing Skills for Pre-Nursing

This session will demonstrate strategies to condense all that information into a more manageable load and get you off on the right start.

Wednesday, Sept. 22 8:30-9:20
Tuesday, Oct. 5 9:00-9:50

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/91858660203?pwd=cnhqaXpSbzJISS9qaWZoUXNFVlJ3dz09

Getting the most out of Lectures

Learn how to identify what’s important in your university lectures, and best techniques to take notes so you set yourself up for success for your first midterms.

Thursday, Sept. 23  11:40-12:30
Tuesday, Sept. 28  12:40-1:30

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/96775102742

Multiple-Choice Strategies for Physical Geography

Tuesday, Sept. 28 12:40-1:30

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/98047111465

Exam Prep for Our Dynamic Earth

Wednesday, Sept. 29 11:40-12:30
Tuesday, Oct. 26 2:40-3:30

Join workshop https://tinyurl.com/DynamicEarthExamPrep

Best Study Strategies

It may seem like everyone has their own ways of studying, but what will work best for you, and should you do the same thing in every course? This workshop will show you what the research tells us about best study strategies and what classes are best suited for which strategy.

Wednesday, Oct. 6 8:30-9:20
Tuesday, Oct. 12 9:00-9:50

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/91858660203?pwd=cnhqaXpSbzJISS9qaWZoUXNFVlJ3dz09

Thursday, Oct. 7  11:40-12:30
Tuesday, Oct. 12  12:40-1:30

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/96775102742

Getting the most out of Exam Prep

When you are prepared for a test, you can turn it into an opportunity to strut your stuff! This workshop will demonstrate strategies to improve performance and get the most out of your study time.

Tuesday, Oct. 5  12:40-1:30
Thursday, Oct. 14  11:40-12:30

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/96775102742

Being strategic with Multiple-choice

Learn strategies to reduce both the guess work and anxiety when writing multiple-choice exams.

Wednesday, Oct. 6 8:30-9:20
Tuesday, Oct. 19 9:00-9:50

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/91858660203?pwd=cnhqaXpSbzJISS9qaWZoUXNFVlJ3dz09

Improving Memory

It can be frustrating to read, study, repeat – only to find you don’t remember the material you’ve spent all that time on. Learn strategies to improve your encoding, retention & retrieval.

Wednesday, Oct. 13 8:30-9:20
Tuesday, Oct. 26 9:00-9:50

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/91858660203?pwd=cnhqaXpSbzJISS9qaWZoUXNFVlJ3dz09

Tuesday, Oct. 19  12:40-1:30
Thursday, Oct. 21  11:40-12:30

Join workshop https://brandonu-ca.zoom.us/j/96775102742

How to Attend the Workshops?

Just click on the Zoom links.

Success Series (T or Th) or Pre-nursing series (W or T) or MusicLearningSkills (F)

See you then!

Please note all times are in Central Time.