Student I.D. Center

The Student I.D. Center is located at the Ancillary Services Office.

Walk-ins Welcome

Students are welcome to drop by the student I.D. center during business hours, as a walk-in. Please make sure you bring a piece of government issued photo I.D. as well as being registered for courses. We are not longer taking applications and pictures via email for students needing their I.D.’s Term 1.

Student I.D. Applications

Students have the option to pre-order their student cards by filling out an application and sending a photo in. By processing the student card early, students avoid the line-ups and longer wait times.

I.D. card applications are due December 7, 2018.

Student I.D. Application

I.D. cards cannot be given out to students starting second term courses, until January 2, 2019.


Business Hours