I manage an organization and would like to work with a researcher to help answer questions / do a program evaluation / do a needs assessment / other. What is the process?

This video might help. We start with your interests or needs. We match those needs with researchers who would be interested in working on that topic. We collaboratively determine the project timeline, outcomes, budget, and steps. BU CARES is available as ongoing support, but once the project is underway you communicate directly with the research team.

I am a student interested in a particular research topic and I want to get involved and make connections. How do I do that?

We love hearing what you are interested in, and we love connecting you with what’s happening in the community! Send us an email or give us a call or pop by our office.

How does BU CARES stay afloat? Where does your funding come from?

Our director’s salary is paid by Brandon University. Everything else is funded through the generous donations of our sponsors, or through specific project funding that comes through grants or community partners.

I’m interested in research, and what innovative exciting developments are happening, but I don’t have time to read lengthy reports. How can I hear what’s happening?

We have a podcast, Leaning In and Speaking Out that you can subscribe to using your favourite podcast player (iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify).

Every Monday, we also put out 2-page summaries of research projects happening on campus.

Finally, you can subscribe to our news updates, which come through email once a month.

I’m still confused about what a research centre is and does. Can you explain it?

This diagram might help. We serve community members, university researchers, and students by bringing them all together on a project that is related to their needs and interests. All of our projects in some way benefit rural and Indigenous students.

Venn diagram

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Is Brandon considered “rural?”

There are different people who would give different answers. We like the term “rurally-influenced city,” which is a term we first heard of from Clark Banack, who is a rural researcher. Brandon is the wheat city, after all.