Engage Your Staff

Sponsor a researcher in residence project

If your organization has a specific need or question, the researcher-in-residence model is a good option. CARES listens and helps to clarify your specific needs, then connects you with a researcher working in your area with specific expertise that you need. CARES sets up a contract and helps you know what you can expect, then takes a back seat as you and your researcher begin working to find answers to your questions.

Request professional development training

Would you like to offer specialized professional development for your staff or team? Researchers are eager to share the latest findings of their research with you. Contact CARES for more information.

Become involved in a current project

Many of our researchers are working on projects that may be beneficial to your organization. If you know of an ongoing project that fits well, please contact us to see if you can become involved.


Participating in supporting the needs of rural and Indigenous students is a great way to engage your staff and give back to the community. Contact us for current options and we will help you find the best fit for your staff and provide support along the way.

Make a donation

Without the generosity of our donors, we couldn’t offer the innovative research and supports that rural and Indigenous students need. Your support is essential to the work we do every day. Your gift to CARES also benefits future generations through educational resources.