Meet our Research Assistants

Several Research Assistants are available to work with Education faculty members to support research in our faculty. The RAs are available to:

  • Conduct literature searches;
  • Transfer references to a reference manager;
  • Review a document for APA formatting accuracy;
  • Input information for a CCV (data entry);
  • Assist with ethics applications;
  • Assist with grant applications;
  • Assist with collection of data;
  • Transcribe interviews or focus groups; and
  • Assist in developing research presentations

In the event of high demand, requests for RAs will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Researchers who have research funding and can have the RA hours billed to a research account.
  1. RA assistance in the development of a grant application.

In all other cases, RAs will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have a need for a Research Assistant, please send the following information to 

Your name

Purpose of request

Date required

Estimate hours required

Please note if you have funding available

*Please note that RAs are not available to support graduate student research at this time.


Stephanie Spence

I’m a first year, mature student enrolled in pre-nursing. In the last couple years, I have found a great passion in understanding my Indigenous heritage as well as helping other people understand it. Research within this field is what originally sparked my interest in becoming a research assistant, however, having the ability to research a wide array of subjects to broaden my knowledge, and help others broaden theirs, is a life skill that I think is necessary for everyone, and I can’t wait to have a part in making this happen.

Natasha Emmy Ofwono

I am currently enrolled as a graduate student in the Education program at Brandon University specializing in Education Administration. I am an avid advocator for the growth of policies and systems that support the improvement of domains such as Health, Social justice, and Education. I am piqued with a multidisciplinary approach to research and as such have ventured into different research projects that encompass a wide array of issues in our society. I have had the great opportunity of being a part of several research projects that resonate with me still in skill and experience such as the Tech Manitoba project and the ReStorying Autism project. I anticipate my next contribution.