Research Room Booking

Research Room door

The research room at BU CARES is available for education faculty and students doing research. The list of available research equipment available through BU CARES is fairly extensive, including wireless/wired internet access, voice recording equipment, GoPro cameras, a portable projector and screen, transcription pedal, and others. NVIVO and Survey Monkey licenses can be requested at a discounted fee.

BU CARES also employs research assistants that are available to help support educational research at BU. Our research assistants can help you:

  • Conduct literature searches;
  • Transfer references to a reference manager;
  • Review a document for APA formatting accuracy;
  • Input information for a CCV (data entry);
  • Assist with ethics applications;
  • Assist with grant applications;
  • Assist with the collection of data;
  • Transcribe interviews or focus groups; and
  • Assist in developing research presentations

In the event of high demand, requests for RAs are prioritized first for researchers who have funding and can have the RA hours billed to a research account, and second for assistance in the development of a grant application. All other requests are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are in need of a research assistant, please send a request to the CARES director that includes your name, the purpose of the request, the date required, an estimate of the hours required, and whether you have funding available.

The research room and equipment can be booked FREE for students, depending on availability. For faculty members requesting the use of the BU CARES Research Room or Equipment for a funded project, they are advised to consult with the BU CARES Director in advance of preparing their budget to incorporate maintenance expenses in their application. This consultation may result in a letter of support from BU CARES.

During high demand, maximum booking length is 2 hours per day. In the case of conflict, BU CARES provides access to the research room in this order of priority:

  1. Research projects directly studying rural and Aboriginal education
  2. Research projects in the Faculty of Education
  3. Research projects which are community-based
  4. Other research projects

To book the BU CARES research room, please use the calendar posted on the Research Room door. To request the use of BU CARES research equipment, please contact the Director (

Please note that due to Covid-19, our research room is currently not available for booking.