Sexually Exploited Children & Youth

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In 2018, researchers and community partners compiled a report addressing the sexual exploitation of children and youth in Brandon, MB. (Read the Report). To follow up to that report, and highlight the current realities of that topic, Jackie and Michelle discuss sexual violence and exploitation with podcast guests Carolyn Blaine (Social Worker, Brandon School Division) and Candice Waddell (Faculty of Health Studies, Brandon University).

Additional Information:

Brandon has designated Third Party Reporting agencies (self-identifying males call John Howard, self-identified females call Women’s Resource Centre) and explain they would like to speak to whoever is responsible for 3rd Party Reports. 3rd party agencies have an individual’s information but that is not shared with law enforcement. This is different that Anonymous Reporting, which individuals on the BU campus may do through the REES platform, included on the Sexual Violence Resources and Support Page  Here individuals have control over the report and can send an anonymous report to law enforcement.

TPR-BROCHURE-April 2021 (more information about Third Party Reporting)

Self Care for Trauma Survivots 6 Panel Brochure

BPS/RCMP (204) 729-2345

Klinic – Human trafficking hotline for support and counselling 1-844-333-2211

Kids help phone: or 1-800-668-6868 or visit

Sexual Education Resource Centre (204) 727-0417