Research Connection Podcast

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It’s hard to stay on top of new developments and research in education. Join Jackie Kirk and Michelle Lam as they interview guests whose research directly impacts classrooms in the real world. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, researcher, or just want to hear more about how kids these days are learning, this is the podcast for you.

  • All About Bees - Join Jackie and Michelle with guests Dr. Deanna Smid (Department of English & Creative Writing, BU) and Becky Lane (Library Admin Assistant at BU and Beekeeper) as they discuss bees in Brandon, conservation efforts, and even some literature recommendations!
  • Mental Health, Trauma, and Families - Join Dr. Jane Karpa (BU, Psychiatric Nursing) and Dr. Breanna Lawrence (BU, Education) as they discuss issues related to mental health, education, trauma, and families.
  • Researching Romance - Join Stacey Lee (BU Librarian) and Dr. Jonathan Allan (Canada Research Chair & BU Professor) as they discuss trends and research in the genre of romance novels.
  • Teacher-Led Learning Teams - Join Eric Sagenes (MTS) and Dr. Cathryn Smith (Brandon University) as they discuss the teacher-led learning team model of professional development.
  • Not Just For Muscle! Creatine Supplementation and Fat Loss in Older Adults - Join Jackie and Michelle as they discuss exercise, nutrition, and supplements like creatine with Bob Lee, Scott Forbes & Joel Krentz.
  • Autism and Ways of Being - Join Amanda Hamm (Rural Development Institute) and Dr. Patty Douglas (Brandon University Faculty of Education) as they discuss parenting, educating, and being with people in their lives who have attracted the label of autism.
  • English Language Learners in Classrooms - Join Joanna Ford (Brandon School Division) and Dr. Burcu Ntelioglou (Brandon University) as they discuss emerging bilingual / plurilingual students and how teacher education is changing.
  • Leadership and Mental Health - Dr. Alysha Farrell (Brandon University) and Rev. Darryl McAuley (McDiarmid Drive Alliance Church) are back! Join co-hosts Jackie and Michelle as they discuss leadership and mental health.
  • Sexualized Violence on Campuses - Join Carla Navid (Brandon University’s Sexual Violence Education and Prevention Coordinator) and Dr. Corinne Mason (Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Sociology at Brandon University) as they discuss sexualized violence on campuses.
  • Part 2 – Locker Rooms, Pressure and Promise - Continue the conversation with hosts Jackie and Michelle as they talk about hockey locker rooms, pressure, and promise with Bantam AAA coach and Brandon School Division Paul Mandziuk and Brandon University researcher Dr. Tim Skuce.
  • Finish him! Hockey, masculinity, and culture - Join hosts Jackie and Michelle as they talk about hockey culture and masculinity with BU researcher Dr. Tim Skuce and Bantam AAA coach and Brandon School Division teacher Paul Mandziuk.
  • Effective Reading Instruction with Kathie and Joe - Join hosts Jackie and Michelle as they discuss effective reading instruction with Dr. Joe Stoeffer of Brandon University's Faculty of Education and Kathie Sutherland of Brandon School Division.
  • Leadership and Conflict - Michelle and Jackie discuss leadership and conflict with Dr. Alysha Farrell of Brandon University's Faculty of Education and Rev. Darryl McAuley of McDiarmid Drive Alliance Church.
  • Andy Mead To Friend or Not to Friend: Teachers and Students on Social Media - Michelle and Jackie discuss teachers and students on social media with Andrew Mead (Principal of Mitchell Middle School in Hanover School Division) and Dr. Mike Nantais (Associate Professor, Curriculum and Pedagogy Department).
  • Michelle Lam, Grant Hamilton, Michael Nantais, and Jacqueline Kirk. Cell Phones and the Classroom - Join hosts Michelle Lam and Jacqueline Kirk as they discuss the impact of cell phone use in the classroom with Grant Hamilton (Director of Marketing and Communications) and Dr. Michael Nantais (Assistant Professor; Chair of Curriculum & Pedagogy Department).