Many of BU CARES research activities result in the production of grey literature.  This type of literature differs from traditional forms of academic articles published in peer-reviewed journals.  Grey literature refers to the publications that come from commissioned research or research activities. As a self-supporting research institute, BU CARES relies on commissioned research and research activities for organizations and community partners.   These activities and the grey literature bring significant benefits to Brandon University: (1) through community partnerships; (2) through financial benefits; and (3) with employment opportunities to students and research associates.

We also publish a periodical publication, Research Connection, intended to provide information about the impact of Brandon University’s academic research and expertise on public policy, social programming, and professional practices.

  • Digital Policies, Infrastructure, Procedures, and Practices of Select Rural and Northern Manitoba School Divisions - This interim brief details the first stage of a commissioned research project analyzing the realities of digital policies, infrastructure, procedures, and practices in fourteen school divisions in rural and Northern Manitoba. Read the full report below:   
  • Understanding the Effectiveness of an Anti-Racist Educational Intervention - Two years ago, I created an interactive board game, Refugee Journeys, which allows players the opportunity to experience settlement and integration from the viewpoint of a randomly generated refugee identity. The game has been widely used, yet understanding its effectiveness has been challenging. In this article, I detail the methodological choices made during project development […]
  • The First 8 Weeks Back to School During Covid-19: Challenges and Successes - Schools in the Brandon School Division (BSD) have been back in session for eight weeks. Back to school this year has been unlike any other because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus of this survey was to learn more about how school administrators and leaders in BSD are doing in these first two months back […]
  • Final Report of the Program Evaluation of the Action Research for Mino-Pimaatisiwin in Erickson Schools, Manitoba - This action research project, Mino-Pimaatisiwin, was a collaboration among researchers at Brandon University, the staff and principal of Erickson Elementary School (EES) and Erickson Collegiate Institute (ECI), the superintendent of Rolling River School Division, and members of a First Nations community, Rolling River First Nation, working on systemic educational change by infusing Indigenous perspectives into […]
  • Open book icon graphic Effects of Canada’s Increasing Linguistic and Cultural Diversity on Educational Policy, Programming and Pedagogy - In Canada, 22.9% of people report a “mother tongue” that is not English or French (Government of Canada, 2017) and most of them are newcomers. Within Canadian primary and secondary school, there were 4.75 million students enrolled in the 2015/2016 school year (Statista, 2018), and 2.2 million children under age 15 who were foreign-born or […]
  • Brandon School Division Covid-19 Employee Survey - The focus of this survey was to learn more about how teachers and other employees in BSD are responding to the closure of schools due to Covid-19. The objectives of this survey were to (1) identify the current challenges and concerns faced by teachers and other employees due to school closures; (2) learn teachers’ and […]
  • Brandon School Division Covid-19 Parent/Caregiver Survey - The focus of this survey was to learn more about how parents/caregivers of students in BSD are responding to the closure of schools due to Covid-19. The objectives of this survey were to (1) identify the current challenges faced by parents/caregivers due to school closures; (2) learn parents’ goals for their child(ren) during this time; […]
  • Digital Literacy in Manitoba - Digital literacy and technology use are increasingly important in today’s economy. TechManitoba’s DigitALL program seeks to increase and improve these important skills across Manitoba by offering free workshops such as Intro to Computers, Intro to Microsoft Word, Intro to Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Computer File Management, Emails, Social Media, and Privacy, Computer Security and Fraud, MS […]
  • Factors that contribute to youth at-risk mobility in 13 rural and northern Manitoba communities - The objective of this study, Exploration of Factors that Contribute to Youth At Risk Mobility in 13 Rural and Northern Manitoba Communities, is to increase knowledge and understanding of the factors that may contribute to NEET (not in education, employment, or training) youth mobility in rural and remote communities in Manitoba by undertaking a series […]
  • Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium Program Evaluation - This 2014 report is the third and final program evaluation report as part of the three-year program evaluation plan of the mRLC. The evaluation explored an overarching question on the extent to which the mRLC had achieved its goal of collaborative, innovative professional development support of rural educators and school divisions. Two sub-questions explored administrative, […]
  • Rural Manitoba Youth Facing Barriers - The Rural Manitoba Youth Facing Barriers Project was aimed at expanding (1) knowledge about rural Manitoba youth facing barriers and (2) the capacity of rural and northern communities and regions to address the needs of this sub-group. The major activities of the project included data collection through youth and employer surveys; capacity-building through two workshop […]
  • Open book icon graphic Youth Development Program in Northern Manitoba - This article describes a study of the Cultural, Economic, Political, and Social Youth Leadership Development Program (CEPS), an identity-building program for disengaged youth, conducted by a community-university alliance in northern Manitoba, Canada. The study was conducted through the lens of transformative learning theory. Findings indicate participation in CEPS strengthened the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental […]
  • Brandon University sign Needs Assessment Report: Brandon University Recruitment and Retention of First Nations Students - The goal of this needs assessment was to identify the challenges and opportunities for recruitment to and retention of First Nations students in particular, but all Aboriginal students in general to Brandon University. Subsequently, the findings have been used to develop a comprehensive program proposal in order to develop, align and/or integrate programs that will […]
  • Employability Assets of Employees in a Diversified Workplace - This report was aimed at developing a better understanding of the workforce in and around the City of Thompson, Manitoba. It summarized the process and outcomes of a two-round modified Delphi approach that identified the employability assets for the working age population. Given the demographics of Northern Manitoba and the City of Thompson, a diversified […]
  • Final Research Report: Action Research as a Catalyst for School Change: Lakeshore School Division Community Circle - This 2013 research was part of the VOICE (Vital Outcome Indicators for Community Engagement) for Children and Youth project involving the Lakeshore Community Circle and Brandon University. Three success pathways were identified: technology instructional strategies, and physical spaces. Data for this report were collected through surveys and focus group discussions. The action research projects and […]
  • Success Through Our Eyes – Indigenous Youth Perspectives - In this booklet, the Indigenous Youth Community Circle brings to light the diverse meanings of educational success from Indigenous youth across Manitoba. Indigenous youth had the opportunity to share photos along with narratives to capture their perspectives of the true meaning of success. Success Through Our Eyes – Indigenous Youth Perspectives
  • Seeking Mino-Pimatisiwin (The Good Life): A Photovoice Research Project - This booklet celebrates Indigenous youth success in Manitoba. The project was organized by a group of Indigenous youth leaders from around Manitoba and researchers from Brandon University. Photo images along with personal narratives focus on the Indigenous worldview of mino-pimatisiwin – the on-going process of seeking the good life. You can read the full final report […]
  • Report on the Research Round Table on Sexually Exploited Children and Youth in Brandon, Manitoba - Children and youth in Brandon, Manitoba, are at risk of sexual exploitation. This research was conducted with multiple agencies, service providers, and educational authorities from Brandon. It shows the need for more awareness and training and explores the issues and consequences of sexual exploitation and challenges and opportunities for coordinating services. Report on the Research […]
  • Working Together to Support First Nation, Metis and Inuit Youth Success: A Policy Framework Prepared by the Youth Community Circle - Data have shown that FNMI youths face barriers to success, and recommended policies have failed to improve the youth’s success. The policy frameworks developed for FNMI are limited. With the assistance of Brandon University, this policy framework was designed to share FNMI’s perspectives on educational success and leadership. The framework consists of four phases of […]
  • Voices from Thompson’s 2012 CEPS Youth Development Program: Research Conducted Through the Vital Outcome Indicators for Community Engagement Project - This report describes the Cultural, Economic, Political, and Social Youth Leadership Program at the Métis Centre in Thompson, Manitoba, in 2012. Using transformative learning theory as a theoretical framework, this report discusses the experiences of participants and facilitators involved in the CEPS program. The four areas of the program were identified by Aboriginal youth as […]
  • Success Through Our Eyes: A Photovoice Project - This photovoice project was designed by Indigenous youth leaders to tell their stories of success and leadership using photographs and narratives. Success Through Our Eyes – A Photovoice Project
  • Final Research Report: Scholastic Success Study of Aboriginal Students in the City of Brandon - This report presents the findings of two research projects aimed at Aboriginal youth in the City of Brandon, Manitoba, in 2015: (1) youth employment and (2) scholastic success. It identifies the challenges, barriers, and opportunities that affect scholastic success, and ultimately education achievement, and underlines the importance of implementing programs and policies to eliminate these […]
  • Final Research Report: Needs and Gaps Analysis of Aboriginal Youth Employment - This report provides insights into Aboriginal youth employment in Brandon, Manitoba, in 2016. Seven community organizations in Brandon assisted with the distribution of surveys to a mixture of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youths. The objectives included the identification of trends, barriers, and challenges for Aboriginal employment, to recommend actions to overcome these barriers and challenges, to […]
  • Indicators of Student Success: Teacher Handbook - This handbook is mainly for educators within the K-12 education system to evaluate their practices to improve their methods for students’ success. The survey instruments are self-report measures for students to complete as well as some for teachers to self-reflect upon their own teaching measures including evaluating the following practices within the education environment: personal […]
  • Cultural Proficiency Success Pathway: Thompson Community Circle - This report illustrates the value of conducting and disseminating community-based participant action research—how seemingly disparate communities and agencies can work together to benefit everyone involved. Thompson has a high population of First Nation, Métis, Inuit, and immigrant families. The report highlights the connection between school and community and the importance of incorporating frameworks that reflects […]