Researcher-in-Residence Program

One of the hallmarks of the Centre is the Researcher-in-Residence Program. This program links Brandon University researchers with teams of community-based research practitioners from organizations, schools, school divisions, or community groups.  The purpose of the program is to help develop the applied research capacity of community-based research practitioners.  University researchers act as mentors to the research practitioners.

We welcome opportunities to provide innovative, community-engaged research services that link our faculty with the needs of communities. We work with rural, northern and remote schools, school divisions, government agencies and community groups in all aspects of the research process: from initial research to preparation of a final report.  Using the Researcher-in-Residence Program – a community-university team approach – the Centre is committed to providing research services including:

  • applied and field research activities,
  • research training workshops,
  • proposal development, and
  • facilitation and project management.

Researcher-in-Residence Process

Community engagement
  • Research issue identified by community organization
  • Discussion with BU CARES / Faculty of Education on feasibility of “Researcher-in-Residence Project”
  • Project Team identified
  • Agenda for undertaking research including guidelines for research ethics
  • Develop capacity for community partner to use research
Project Team
  • 1 or 2 faculty members who act as ‘researchers-in-residence’ who are knowledgeable and experienced faculty members or research associates of the Faculty of Education or other Brandon University faculties.
  • Community-based research practitioners selected from and by the community organization.
  • Researchers-in-Residence typically provide 6-10 days of research consultation services and advice to local project team members
  • Community organization owns data, findings and reports
  • Building research capacity in the community partner is a priority
  • Researcher-in-Residence Programs are based on cost-recovery of travel expenses, and in some cases – a per diem for research assistants

Please contact the Director of the Centre, Mrs. Michelle Lam at or 204 727-7331 if you are interested in participating in a Researcher-in-Residence Project.