2019 Fall Career Day Registration Form

Fall Career Day 2019 Registration Form

This is the registration form for our upcoming Fall Career Day on October 2nd 2019. The event runs from 10:00AM to 2:30PM. In order to offset our costs, we will be charging a $252.00 non-refundable registration fee for 2 participants ($240.00, plus 5% GST of $12.00). In addition to your display space, this fee will provide you with coffee and lunch for two presenters and one parking pass. Please feel free to register and you will receive a confirmation and invoice via email. Registrations and fees are due by Wednesday September 18th, 2019. If you require further information please contact Doug or his assistant at: Phone: (204) 727-9651 Fax: (204) 725-2143 E-mail: pople@brandonu.ca or jobpostings@brandonu.ca
    Note: Cords are not supplied, but we will make sure you are near an outlet.
    If your answer is yes, please indicate how many rooms you require and the amount of time you need below.
    A non-refundable registration fee of $252.00 for 2 participants is required. ($240.00 plus 5% GST of $12.00) Cheques are payable to: Brandon University Career Planning & Placement Office. Send cheques to: 270 18th Street, Brandon MB, R7A 6A9, Career Planning & Placement Office. If you require additional participants, there is a fee of $25.00/person ($23.81 + $1.19 GST)
    If yes, please provide your GST number below:
    Note: An additional fee of $25.00/person will be added when more than two people are indicated.