Grad At Home 2020 — Celebrate in Style

Dear graduates,

By this time next week, we’ll be celebrating the culmination of your BU experience. Our plans to cheer you across the Convocation stage along with your family and friends have been unexpectedly interrupted by a historical, global event, so we are embracing creative options to recognize and honour your achievement from a distance.

Degrees will be officially conferred on Thursday, May 28. We’re planning several fun things between now and then, and there are also many ways you can celebrate on your own. Some families have decided to take Convocation into their own hands, choosing to hold “Grad at Home”. Here are some ways you can make that happen:

  • Gaspard, our regular vendor for Convocation attire, is assisting families with sourcing gowns, caps, and tassels for the occasion. For more information, contact
  • Imperial Photo, our official Convocation photographer, is offering outdoor graduation portrait sessions, and grads get to keep the blue gown and cap after their sitting (
  • Imperial Photo has also created yard signs so you can publicly declare to the neighbourhood that you are a BU grad (!

Looking for more fun options? Simply Google “quarantine graduation ideas”, and the Internet will certainly help you out – a lot of folks have had time on their hands to think outside the box!

We and your friends, family, and fellow grads would love to join in, so share your celebration with us. Tag @BrandonUni on social media or use the hashtag #IamBU.

Keep an eye on your email over the coming week as we continue to celebrate together.

With warm wishes,


Andrea McDaniel

University Registrar