Share your Shout-Out

Dear Graduating Students,

Soon, you’ll be taking to the stage in cap and gown to receive your degree at Convocation.

Convocation Shout-Outs will be shown on the big screen in the HLC — your photo paired with your message!

This is a time to be proud of your tremendous accomplishment. With so many family, friends and faculty there to cheer you on, Convocation is also the perfect time to give your own personal Shout Out. During the ceremony, Brandon University will be sharing your message of thanks, encouragement, wisdom, celebration, or whatever you like, projected in giant letters alongside a photo of you to the big digital screen in the HLC. Everyone will be able to see your Shout Out as they take their seats and prepare for your Convocation ceremony.

Many of you have already sent in a Shout Out — and they look great! Above is a mock-up of how they will look. If you haven’t already, there is still some time: Simply follow the instructions in the online Graduation Application portal (scroll down to the Convocation Shout Out section). Access your login at

Shout Outs Must Be Submitted By MAY 1.

Tips for a Great Shout Out:

  1. Upload only photos that have good resolution.
  2. Double-check that both your photo and your message are suitable for an audience of all ages. (Because Convocation is a public event, we reserve the right to edit or omit submissions for length and taste.)
  3. Have fun! Convocation is a celebration!

We look forward to receiving your Convocation Shout Out submissions!