A Covid-safe campus

Campus Status: Brandon University is currently inPhase Gold

Brandon University is committed to a safe and healthy delivery of quality education. Spring and summer are ideal times for us to shift towards more in-person working and learning. They are slower terms for us, with fewer faculty, staff and students on campus. Much research is in the field. Outdoors becomes an option for some meetings. Many people are taking their vacations. There are fewer classes, and those that are held typically see less mixing.

This shift also matches what is happening in the wider community, meaning Brandon University will offer a campus experience that is similar to what anyone would expect to find elsewhere.

Get Vaccinated

We strongly encourage and support vaccination, including current and future boosters. Vaccination against Covid is the single most effective action you can take to protect yourself and your community.

Proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 is no longer required to attend the Brandon University campus.

Wear a mask

We strongly encourage and support masks be worn indoors, but no longer require them in all areas.

Wearing a high-quality and properly fitted mask will help protect you from many airborne illnesses, as well as Covid.

Campus access

We are open to visitors and members of the public during regular business hours. Your employee key fob or Student ID card will continue to unlock campus buildings for extended hours.

There are no current capacity limits or physical distancing requirements.

Ongoing precautions

We are continuing our enhanced ventilation and air filtration. We are also continuing to provide sanitization stations at entrances and in common spaces.

Continue to self-monitor

Stay home if you are sick. If your symptoms improve, and you do not have a fever, you can return to work five days after a positive test.