A safe and welcoming campus

Campus Status: Brandon University is fully open.

Get Vaccinated

We strongly encourage and support vaccination, including current and future boosters. Vaccines greatly reduce the risk of catching illness, of getting seriously sick, and of passing it on to others. Please ensure all your vaccinations are up to date. Alongside Covid-19, you should check your eligibility for the monkeypox vaccine, as well as for other common illnesses where you may require a booster or initial vaccine, including tetanus, polio, whooping cough, measles, mumps, and more. Speak with your family doctor or visit the BU on-site medical clinics, which are held Wednesdays in the Knowles–Douglas Student Union Centre.

Wear a mask

We strongly encourage and support masks be worn indoors, but no longer require them in all areas. A high-quality, well-fitted mask, such as a KN-95, can protect yourself and others. Mask-wearing is encouraged in all shared indoor spaces. If entering a confined space, such as an office, where someone is wearing a mask or prefers mask wearing, please carry a mask so that you can put one on as well.

Campus access

We are open to visitors and members of the public during regular business hours. Your employee key fob or Student ID card will continue to unlock campus buildings for extended hours. Order a Student ID card to ensure you have access to evening classes.

There are no current capacity limits or physical distancing requirements.

Ongoing precautions

We are continuing our enhanced ventilation and air filtration. We are also continuing to provide sanitization stations at entrances and in common spaces.

Stay home if you are sick

Please continue to follow public health guidelines for illness, especially Covid-19. Public health currently recommends isolation for five days following the onset of symptoms or after a positive test. Please communicate as quickly as possible with your instructor or your supervisor/manager/dean if you are isolating, so your unique circumstances can be properly addressed.