Campus signage

Signage has been posted throughout the campus to help instruct and guide you. It communicates important information, such as requirements for entry to buildings and spaces, how to use amenities like furniture and bottle-filling stations, and important etiquette considerations.

Signs were placed around campus by Physical Plant following thorough consultation with Deans and other area heads. If you require signage for your space, including custom signage for your area’s unique needs, please consult with your supervisor or area head to work with Physical Plant to meet your needs. Custom signs can be completed in approximately a week, and Physical Plant has most common signs in stock. Contact Physical Plant for new or replacement signs at or by calling extension 620.

Classrooms and other similar rooms were assigned capacity limits following measurement of the spaces, and after working with Deans and instructors to accommodate furniture and equipment needs. Not all spaces are signed, and not all spaces have specific capacity limits. Common areas like hallways, kitchens, reception spaces, and individual offices, for example, do not have signed capacity limits. Please use your own best judgment in entering these spaces, try to follow reasonable physical distancing expectations, and be kind and respectful with others.

Any obsolete signage from earlier in the pandemic should now be removed. Here are some of the signs you’ll see around campus.

Access to campus

Many people have been working, teaching, and learning remotely. When you come to campus, remember that you should follow requirements like staying home if you are unwell, always wearing a mask, and respecting capacity limits.

Etiquette on campus

It is important to be kind and we are all learning new behaviours to keep our community safe. These signs for common areas help illustrate the expectations for everyone as we share these spaces.

Floor and window decals

Physical distancing is easier when everyone is given the same directions. Along with two-way traffic in hallways and “stand here” decals for areas with lineups, we are reminded you about two-metre physical distancing through floor and window decals.

Campus amenities

Brandon University is converting campus amenities like water fountains, furniture, and sanitization stations, to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Individual spaces

There is also a Word template faculty can use for office hours and similar individualized messaging. Please do not use this template for common spaces or to duplicate messaging above — it is important that we maintain consistency across campus.

Download the Word template.