Phased campus reopening

Brandon University is committed to community safety. Our phased re-opening of campus follows the science and our extensive preparations and enhancements to keep everyone safe. Our guiding principles help us to operate as safely as possible while fulfilling our academic mission, and while continuing to follow our vision and values.


Brandon University is currently in Phase Grey

Phase Blue — Strict Constraints

BU 1: Phase Blue — Strict Constraints

In Phase Blue, Brandon University delivers a mainly online experience, and protects our community by limiting opportunities for in-person contact.


  • Campus closed to the public
  • Campus open to employees
  • Campus mostly closed to students


  • Limited use of campus facilities for students
  • Research access subject to limitations
  • Campus services provided remotely

In-Person Contact

  • Employees to work from home where possible
  • In-class learning restricted to essential, experiential learning only


  • Masks mandatory
  • Additional cleaning and disinfecting required
  • No non-essential travel approved

Phase Grey — Moderate Restrictions

BU 2: Phase Grey — Moderate Restrictions

In Phase Grey, Brandon University delivers a blended learning experience that includes online and in-person delivery. With sufficient protective equipment, like barriers and masks, the campus can safely welcome increasing numbers of people in person.


  • Public visitors discouraged
  • Campus open to employees
  • Campus open to students, with restrictions


  • Additional use of campus facilities for students
  • Research access with fewer limitations
  • Some campus services provided on campus, others remotely

In-Person Contact

  • Employees typically work from campus
  • Limited in-class learning, with restrictions


  • Masks mandatory
  • Additional cleaning and disinfecting required
  • Some travel approved, subject to public health guidelines

Phase Gold — Some Limitations

BU 3: Phase Gold — Some Limitations

In Phase Gold, Brandon University returns to a mainly in-person experience, while continuing to protect our community through increased protective equipment and processes.


  • Campus open to the public with limitations
  • Campus open to employees
  • Campus open to students


  • Campus facilities open for students, with restrictions
  • Research access with no limitations
  • All campus services provided on campus

In-Person Contact

  • Most employees to work from campus unless ill
  • In-class learning permitted, subject to public health guidelines (ie. physical distancing)


  • Masks optional
  • Additional cleaning and disinfecting required
  • Travel approved, subject to public health guidelines

Download a PDF of these phases

Building status: Key fob access

Staff and Faculty:

Staff and faculty access is through key fobs. Faculty and staff key fob access will be from 7am – 9pm, seven days a week, with the exception of the Library/HLC, which will be restricted to their opening hours.


Buildings are open 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Students will need a student ID card to access buildings outside of these hours, including for evening classses. Because of processing time and mail delays, the turnaround on Student ID cards can be lengthy. If you haven’t already, please order your Student ID card as soon as possible. You must do this online, where you can upload your own photo, at

Protecting our community with care and caution

Brandon University is focused on providing quality educational experiences in a safe environment. As we navigate the challenges of the ongoing pandemic together, we have outlined three options for greater or looser opening of the campus. These broad phases for safely re-opening campus are an easy-to-understand and flexible framework to guide us as we respond to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic, especially locally.

Within each phase, we have the ability to fine-tune our response to meet specific needs. For example, students may require more on-campus supports during the regular session than during spring and summer, while in the same phase. We will also consider Covid diagnosis rates and trends in our community, public health and provincial guidance, and protective measures in place on campus.

Phased reopening will move from the most cautious Phase Blue to increasingly more open phases of Phase Grey and Phase Gold. Brandon University continues to have regular dialogue with the Province of Manitoba, especially through the Department of Economic Development and Training, to ensure that our plans continue to meet provincial and federal requirements. Following public health guidance and tracking the evolving nature of the pandemic, we look forward to fully lifting all restrictions at some future date.

Due to the significant challenges of pivoting from in-person to online education, we plan to proceed with an abundance of caution, ideally so that we  move through each phase only once. We encourage all members of the BU community to also monitor federal health guidance and the provincial RestartMB Pandemic Response System, which can also provide important context and information about economic openness, community risk, travel and other restrictions, and preventive measures like masks.

Phased Reopening Plan — Draft Details

While these details are subject to change, depending on current public health guidelines, university operational needs, protections in place, and the evolving nature of the pandemic, these detailed guidelines provide our best guess for future opportunities to re-open campus as it becomes safe to do so.

Download a PDF of these details