Vaccination Policy

Proof of full vaccination against Covid-19, or an approved exemption, will be required to attend the Brandon University campus after Oct. 31, 2021.

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Go to and upload your vaccination documents to ensure you have continued access to the Brandon University campus.

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Vaccination Policy

The full BU Vaccination Policy helps us ensure we can continue providing as safe a learning and working environment as possible.

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Seek an Exemption

For the very small number of people who cannot be vaccinated, there are pathways to seek alternate accommodations.

Seek an Exemption

The vast majority of the Brandon University community is already fully vaccinated. Ensuring that everyone on campus is either fully vaccinated or appropriately exempted will help us continue to protect each other, as well as the most vulnerable people in the community around us.

This policy applies to all students, faculty, and staff who require access to the Brandon University campus, as well as frequent contractors. This includes those who are at the Winnipeg campus, as well as those who are involved in practicum placements and who also need to follow vaccination requirements elsewhere.

The Vaccination Policy lays out the requirements, processes, and scope of the full campus vaccination requirement, as well as a path to seek exemptions for the very small number of people who cannot be vaccinated.

Students who remain unvaccinated, and who are unable to secure an exemption, will be welcome in online-only courses. However, they will not be able to access on-campus facilities or services — many of which continue to be available through online or phone options.

The policy and associated processes are based on the successful pilot project in the School of Music, and were developed through consultation with public health, employee associations, and the students’ union.

Here’s what you need to know:

Vaccine mandates like this one help ensure that we continue delivering the best educational experience possible while protecting our entire community. Brandon University has adopted this policy following the best science and evidence related to the pandemic. We look forward to working and learning together in a safe community this year

The BU Vaccine Policy and related processes, including exemptions, will be regularly reviewed, and may change for the Winter Term.