New Student Advising Appointment Process

Before You Proceed

Please read all of the following steps closely before making an appointment with an academic advisor. You must complete Steps 2 and 3 (the Moodle workshop) once you have booked an appointment. Please allow yourself enough time to complete the online Moodle workshop well in advance of your appointment. 

Step 1: Make a tentative appointment with an academic advisor

Schedule an advising appointment via phone call, or Zoom (video chat)

If you need to cancel or rebook your original appointment, return to the confirmation email you received and click on the “to cancel this appointment” link at the bottom of the email.  DO NOT book more than one appointment.

Canadian Students - Schedule an appointment

Click here to Schedule an advising appointment via Moodle chat only

Step 2: Complete the New Student Advising online Moodle workshop

  1. If you have not already done so, please Claim Your ID. Remember/record your username and password because you will use them to log into important student portals.  If you experience difficulties with this process please contact the IT Helpdesk at 204-571-8500 or
  2. Go to Moodle at (Open this link in a new tab or window so you can continue following these instructions here.)
  3. Login to Moodle using your Brandon University username and password that you claimed. (eg. SMITHTA18), next
  4. Click on the “New Student Advising” link under “Main Menu” on the left side of the webpage, next
  5. Enter the enrolment key, which isnewbustudent” and click “Enrol Me” once you have entered the key.

It is important for you to learn how to navigate Moodle as it is used by Brandon University professors and lab instructors to share resources, course content, and grades.

Step 3: Watch the 8 videos in the New Student Advising course in Moodle and complete the questionnaire

By completing the videos and questionnaire you will confirm your advising appointment.

Time to completion: ~1 hour

Once you are registered in the New Student Advising Moodle course, you must watch these 8 videos:

  1. Parts of a Degree
  2. Rules of a Degree
  3. Academic Performance
  4. Advising Resources
  5. Planning Your Academic Year
  6. Sample Academic Schedules
  7. Brandon University Homepage
  8. How to Use the Online Registration System

Now complete the questionnaire following Video #8.  Make sure you click on the Submit And Finish button once you have completed the questionnaire.

These videos provide valuable information that will help you prepare for your advising appointment. Your advisor’s job is to support and facilitate the decision-making process, not to make decisions for you.

Step 4: Appointment confirmation

Note: You must complete the New Student Advising video series and questionnaire in Moodle to confirm your appointment.  The questionnaire results will be checked daily during the work week (Monday to Friday).

Students should be prepared to make decisions regarding choice of potential major(s), minor(s), and courses for the upcoming academic year. If you are exploring different options, that’s great! Remember to let your advisor know that you are exploring different options and you would like to take courses from a few different subject areas. We will consult the Course Registration Guides, Current Academic Calendar, and Arts/Science Slot Schedule in order to effectively schedule an academic year.

Students are encouraged to browse the first-year course options to create a tentative schedule before their appointment: