Make an Appointment

Step 1: Make an appointment

  • In-Person (on campus) Appointment
    Please call 204-727-9737 to make an in-person, on campus appointment.
  • Phone-In or Chatroom Appointment
    This option is only available for students who live more than 2 hours away from Brandon.
    Click here to make a phone-in or chatroom appointment.

Step 2: Login to Moodle and register for the New Student Advising course using the enrolment key “newbustudent”

  • Go to Moodle at (Open this link in a new tab or window so you can continue following these instructions here.)
  • Login to Moodle using your Brandon University username and password that you claimed. (eg. SMITHTA18)
  • Click on the “New Student Advising” link under “Main Menu” on the left side of the webpage.
  • The enrolment key is “newbustudent“.

It is important for you to learn how to navigate Moodle as it is used by Brandon University professors and lab instructors to share resources, course content, and grades.

Step 3: Watch the 8 videos in the New Student Advising course in Moodle and complete the questionnaire
Note: You must complete the questionnaire in order to confirm your advising appointment

Time to completion: ~1 hour

Once you are registered in the New Student Advising Moodle course, you must watch these 5 videos:

  1. Parts of a Degree
  2. Rules of a Degree
  3. Academic Performance and Success1
  4. Advising Resources
  5. Planning Your Academic Year
  6. Sample Academic Schedules
  7. Brandon University Homepage
  8. How to Use the Online Registration System

Now complete the questionnaire following Video #8.

These videos provide valuable information that will help you prepare for your advising appointment. Your advisor’s job is to support and facilitate the decision-making process, not to make decisions for you.

Please ensure that you bring your Brandon University student number, username and password to your advising appointment so your academic advisor can walk you through the registration process.

Students should be prepared to make decisions regarding choice of potential major(s), minor(s), and courses for the upcoming academic year. If you are exploring different options, that’s great! Remember to let your advisor know that you are exploring different options and you would like to take courses from a few different subject areas. We will consult the Course Registration Guides, Current Academic Calendar, and Arts/Science Slot Schedule in order to effectively schedule an academic year.