Teaching & Learning Theories and Principles

Theory and Research-based Principles of Learning from Carnegie Mellon University

Learning Theories, Learning Models, Learning Theory Summaries – in Plain English

Learning to Learn: by Karl R. Wirth & Dexter Perkins. A very good overview of the essential elements of learning.

Theories of Learning and Teaching: What Do They Mean to Educators?

Teaching Principles from Carnegie Mellon University

Remembering to Learn: Five Factors for Improving Recall by Deborah S. Herold, PhD in Faculty Focus Newsletter, August 1, 2016.

Five Key Principles of Active Learning by Maryellen Weimer, PhD in Faculty Focus Newsletter, March 27, 2012.

Principles of Adult Learning and Instructional Systems Design  an overview of adult learning theory, learner styles, and instructional systems design (ISD).

How to Avoid Being a Helicopter Professor: by Berlin Fang in Faculty Focus June 8, 2015.