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Participating in a Video Conference with Zoom

Participating in a Video Conference with Zoom Tutorials:

Getting Started on PC and Mac: links to several videos from

Getting Started iOS, Android, & Blackberry: frequently asked questions from

Scheduling a video conference when you have an account:  YouTube Video (3:44 minutes)

Hosting a meeting: YouTube Video (7:02 minutes)

Zoom Support Center: links to help for all systems

System Requirements for Zoom: list of computer and other system requirements, including suggesti0ns for cameras and microphones

SlideShare on how to use Quick summary of how to use Zoom on Slide Share

Zoom on YouTube: has separate sections on “About Zoom”, “How to Zoom”, and the “Zoom User Experience”.  The software has been updated since these videos so many screens will look different.

Zoom Meetings: Zoom YouTube site for promotional and informational videos.