Let’s Grow Downtown

Brandon University is exploring an ambitious future downtown development.

Most of the development will be devoted to new residential space, with both new-concept student residences as well as seniors’ housing being considered. Along with the residential component, the future downtown initiative will include academic and learning spaces, plus a service, retail and commercial component. The University is committed to creating a mixed-use development that will add value to the existing neighbourhood, bringing new amenities and vitality to the downtown core.

Explore the newest concepts

Brandon University has hosted a series of community conversations to explore the ongoing development of plans and options for the downtown site.

Public presentation

Our team of external experts introduces their background, their experience, the layout and context of the BU downtown site, as well as best practice examples that are guiding our approach to this transformative development opportunity.

Discover the concepts

There are different options for developing the site, including alternate locations for buildings, interim uses between phases, and public plazas. These are not fully realized options, but selected arrangements to test approaches. Included are questions for you to consider while giving feedback.

Project background

Seven properties downtown have been brought together into a parcel for development that is nearly 70,000 square feet, covering the entire vacant southern half of the block at Princess Avenue. The properties have been assembled thanks to agreements with the City of Brandon, Renaissance Brandon, Landmark Cinemas and private landowners. Yielding tremendous value to the city and to the University for years to come, the land transfers are at minimal dollar value to facilitate the initiative while not straining the University’s financial resources.

This is an exciting development that will be transformative for both the University and for the entire city.

Having this amount of space downtown will open up new opportunities to advance the University’s priorities as stated in our Academic Plan, the themes that are emerging from our Campus Master Plan, and meet student residence needs. It also bodes well for the future of downtown Brandon. It represents one of the most significant developments for the University and City over the past several decades.

We are committed to working collaboratively with all students, faculty and staff as we fully develop plans to make the best use of this downtown space. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and vision for Brandon University’s downtown campus.