Direction and Administration

Conservatory Director

Everett Hopfner

Everett Hopfner is an enthusiastic explorer of the piano (or whichever keyboard instrument happens to be nearest). His performances exude joy and intention, qualities he translates to his roles as teacher, administrator, advocate, and life-long learner.

In his quest for deeper musical understanding, Everett has sought and spread influence across two continents. His musical curiosity was ignited from the first life-changing chord he played with others, taking group piano lessons in Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba. It blossomed at Brandon University’s School of Music, and led him to pursue studies in piano and new music in Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Germany. 

As a private piano teacher and sessional instructor at Brandon University, Everett facilitates meaningful experiences by asking questions, embracing challenges, and developing goal-oriented, student-centred learning processes. He lives for the “lightbulb moments”, instants where his students find clarity or realize a musical wish. As Director of the Eckhardt-Gramatté Conservatory of Music at Brandon University, Everett aims to build adaptive structures that think differently, breaking down the barriers to musical participation and understanding still enduring in traditional educational models. 

Conservatory Office Assistant

Joyce Burba
Phone: 204-727-9631
Fax: 204-728-6839

Conservatory Advisory Committee

  • Hwan Gyu Cho | School of Music Student Representative (2021-22)
  • Marla Fontaine | Director, Brandon Conservatory Chorale
  • Prof. Greg Gatien | Dean, Brandon University School of Music
  • Everett Hopfner | Director, Eckhardt-Gramatté Conservatory of Music (chair)
  • David Naylor | Conservatory Teacher Representative (2022-23)
  • Sharon Rogers | Conservatory Teacher Representative (2021-22)
  • Dr. Sheila Scott | School of Music Faculty Representative (2022-23)
  • Marla Winters | Director, Suzuki Talent Education Program