Health Insurance


Students with a study permit that is valid for a minimum of six months can qualify for free Manitoba Health coverage. Details are available in the Office of International Activities. There is a registration form that must be completed and sent with a copy of the study permit.

Please Note: Effective, September 1, 2018 Manitoba Health Insurance will no longer be available to international students enrolled at Brandon University. Brandon University is currently looking at options for health coverage which will be made available shortly. Please check this website periodically throughout the summer as updates will be provided.”

Depending on whether you qualify for Manitoba Health, you must have health insurance and will be covered under different plans.

  • Manitoba Health Coverage includes: includes doctor’s visits, hospitalization, medication at the hospital, X-rays, lab test, surgery and diagnostic tests. (please refer to
  • International Insurance Coverage includes prescription drugs, non-emergency annual eye exams, emergency dental, accidental dental, ambulance, paramedical service, repatriation, accidental death and dismemberment, and more for new and emergent accidents and illnesses that arise. (please refer to

Are you…?

You are eligible for – Manitoba Health (Basic Coverage) + MORE top up insurance

Are you…?

  • EAP/Visiting or Exchange student studying for less than 6 months

You are eligible for MORE insurance

For more information please check out: Brandon University EAP insurance brochure

Please note that coverage is mandatory for all EAP students studying at Brandon University. Student can be able to opt-out by showing the evidence of equivalent health coverage.

Where do I go to obtain my coverage?

Your coverage is automatically booked for you and incorporated into your student fees. Note that your ID cards will be distributed by the Office of International Activities once they arrive.

How much do I have to pay?

Manitoba Health – free MORE top up (i.e.: student eligible for Manitoba Health) – $100 per term More (i.e.: student ineligible for Manitoba Health)- $190 per term

How long am I covered?  

Spring/Summer Term – May 1st to August 31st