EAP Policies


Please be sure that you have read and understand the following policies of the EAP program. If you need an explanation of any of the policies, please consult a staff member for clarification.

Immigration rules

Please be advised that those students who wish to study an English language course in Canada for more than six months require a study permit. An entry visa alone will not suffice. Student visas stipulate full-time attendance at a recognized post-secondary institution. Students who no longer attend classes, while remaining in Canada, are in violation of the law. As well, the staff in the Office of International Activities are not legally permitted to provide you with immigration advice including, but not limited to study and work permits, renewals, post graduate work permits or permanent residency application. If you require assistance, the OIA has an approved list of ICCRC immigration consultants that we can refer you to. Please be advised their fees may vary.


Deposits for tuition, accommodation and transportation are NOT REFUNDABLE. They are kept on account for students who may wish to postpone their arrival until a later term.

TUITION IS NOT REFUNDABLE. If a student has paid full tuition prior to arrival in Canada and is unable to secure a study permit, a refund of non-deposit tuition amounts will be given. A copy of the study permit refusal letter and the original letter of acceptance must be received by Brandon University prior to a refund being issued.

Students are expected to pay a $300 non-refundable deposit as part of their application to the EAP program that will be applied to their outstanding tuition balance owing the first day of classes. Students who do not attend EAP within their first three eligible sessions are required to reapply to the EAP program including payment again of the $300 non-refundable deposit.

Payments/Late fee

Payment for the balance of program tuition including textbooks, accommodation, air shuttle transportation, program activity fees, health insurance, identification cards and fitness fees, must be paid by the 5th day of class. Any student who has not paid tuition in full amount will incur a late fee of $30. If the payment has not been settled by the 7th day of class, student will be removed from the program.


Students living in residence sign a contract for room and board while they are in the EAP program (thirteen weeks). Once the contract is signed, full payment is required. No refund is made if the student moves out of residence before the contract expires unless the student is no longer enrolled at the university. The amount of money on the food card must be used or forfeited at the end of the term. No money is refunded if the pre-determined amount of food has not been used. Please make sure you read and understand the university’s Residence carefully. It appears at: https://www.brandonu.ca/residence/files/2010/08/Residence-Handbook-August-20141.pdf,
by contacting residence@brandonu.ca or by calling 1-204-727-7394.


Students are encouraged to arrive on campus a few days before the semester begins to become oriented and overcome jetlag.

Students can arrange for transportation from the Winnipeg airport to Brandon by contacting the Office of International Activities with details about their flight schedule. The Brandon Air Shuttle will transport students from the airport directly to their chosen address.

*No student will be accepted in the program after the 5th day of class.


During orientation, students will be assisted with banking, fee payments, identification cards, computer passwords, and any other assistance they may need.


New students will be tested for placement prior to their first term of studies. Students will be assigned to the appropriate level (IELTS will not be used for placement).

Returning Students are eligible to be placed in the equivalent EAP level with an approved IELTS score only if they have passed their previous term of study. Students failing their previous term will be required to repeat that level.

Students returning to the program after being away for the Fall or Winter term (Summer session is not included) are required to re-take the placement test because language skills may have improved or deteriorated during their absence (IELTS will not be used for placement). Student’s not enrolled in the Spring/Summer Session will continue in their current level in the Fall term.


Classes begin promptly at the time specified in the timetables. Students should be in their classrooms before classes begin. Late arrival inconveniences the teacher and the students, and interferes with learning.

Students must submit assignments in class on the day they are due. Late assignments are not accepted unless arrangements with the teacher have been made in advance.


As full participation will assist students in meeting their academic goals, good attendance is valued in the EAP program. Attendance in each class is recorded and records of attendance are maintained.

A certified doctor’s certificate is required for students missing three or more consecutive days.

Students with poor attendance over two terms may be denied entry into a third EAP term.


Students beginning a level for the first time must purchase new books. Students repeating a level may use their own previously used textbooks at the teacher’s discretion.


Classes are conducted in English. Students are expected to speak only English during classes, class breaks and social activities. The use of cell phones and headsets in class is prohibited.

All cell phones and headsets are to be turned off when classes are in session.

Student Activities

Students are expected to attend all social events that are part of the EAP program. These activities provide opportunities to interact with others in the English language while gaining insights into Canadian culture. These activities are scheduled during class time and are considered to be part of the term’s attendance.

Students are urged to find occasions to use English in their daily lives.

Students who leave the EAP program at any point during the term may not participate in any social activities that occur after their departure.


Membership in student clubs will enhance a student’s stay at Brandon University. Students in the EAP program should take advantage of opportunities for club membership by participating in student-led activities for fun and friendship.


Students who are late or absent for mid-term and final exams forfeit their opportunity to write them. No make-up exams will be given.

Academic Dishonesty

Plagiarism on assignments or cheating on tests will not be tolerated in the EAP program. Sanctions range from a deduction in grades to removal from the program.  Academic dishonesty is considered a serious offence in Canadian universities. All allegations of academic dishonesty will be forwarded to the Director of International Activities for review and action if necessary.


In order to advance from levels 1 to 4, students must attain 75% (B) or better in all subject areas.

Program Completion

Students who successfully complete level 4 by achieving a score of 70% or better in all classes and 4.0 on all CanTEST components will be granted regular undergraduate student status at Brandon University.

Students repeating the level must write all CanTEST subtests at the end of the current term and receive 4.0 on each test at that time.

All other language proficiency entrance requirements will be waived. Level 4 is the university entrance level and is designed to provide students with intensive academic training to facilitate seamless transition to regular classes. Only students with strong proficiency in English can expect to be admitted to this level.