Admission and Application Procedures

Note: The online Master of Education application system is currently closed, and will re-open as of October 1, 2018.

At the present time, there is a 2 step process for all “new” students to Brandon University (with 2 applications and 2 application fees), and a 1 step process for any “returning” Brandon University students who are applying to our Master of Education Program.   

  • New Students (step # 1 of 2):  This is for all first time applicants only to Brandon University, click on the link first (closed until October 1, 2018), to apply to the Admissions Office to obtain a student number.   Please continue to step #2 below, once you receive a student number.
  • Returning Students:  Master of Education “on-line” Application (closed until October 1, 2018).   For those with an existing BU student number (this is for either new students to BU once a student number has been issued by the Admissions Office, or for returning BU students), click on the link to continue the process of applying to our Master of Education program, and prior to the annual February 15th deadline.
  • Letter of Reference   Referees must use this template.

Master of Education Application Fee: $100.00 CDN$ (which is non-refundable and required per application), payable via cheque, credit card, online banking payment, or money order to Brandon University. This fee must be paid at time of application.   Note: for new students to BU, this fee is in addition to the Admissions Office application fee.

Note:  All new Master of Education students admitted, begin their program via the course route.  Once 15 credit hours (including the 2 core courses: 07.752 and 07.714) have been successfully completed, the student, in consultation with the department chair, follows the process below to begin the move into the thesis route for the Master of Education program.

For International Applicants, please note:  Completion of our Master of Education program does not certify one to teach in Manitoba, Canada. For direction on the requirements for teaching certification in Manitoba, please visit the website below, as this is something you will want to do well in advance of applying to Brandon University:

Admission Requirements Master of Education
Credit hours 36 (or 24 for a 2nd M.Ed. at BU)
A Bachelor of Education Degree * (degree must be conferred at time of application)
A valid teaching certificate
Normally, a minimum of two years teaching experience (this must be from the employer, on letterhead, confirming dates employed and details of position held)
Two letters of reference (using above template), attesting to character, teaching ability, and scholarly aptitude
A minimum grade point average
Competence in spoken and written English
International students
(click here for the English Proficiency Requirements)
Pre-Admission Statement of Interest and Sample of Written Work  click here (this is required for all new applicants) For 1st BU M.Ed. only

* Only in exceptional circumstances will students without a B. Ed. degree be considered for admission. Applicants with a relevant undergraduate degree and professional experience may apply.

Please complete & upload to the Master of Education application online, under the pre-admissions writing test section: a statement of interest and a writing sample.  Also to be uploaded at time of application: a scanned copy of your valid teaching certificate, and teaching experience letter (on letterhead from employer) confirming 2 years or more of teaching experience.  The letters of reference will be uploaded by the Graduate Studies Office upon receipt from each referee.

Only complete applications as of the February 15th deadline each year will be considered for admission.

Effective May 9, 2012: The Graduate Studies office no longer recognizes professional development workshops for course credit.