APPELS Program

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We are pleased to update everyone with plans for our summer session in July. Please follow the link below to register as spaces will be more limited this year due to COVID 19 (maximum 8). We wish for all of our participants to know that we will be following the government’s recommendations regarding COVID 19 to ensure the safety of all persons during our workshop. If you have any questions, please contact us at 

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APPELS (Apprentissage Pour Professeurs En Langue Seconde)

The APPELS and APPELS-Encore series of workshops are designed to provide teachers with language development opportunities at all levels. This highly innovative program invites all teachers who wish to hone their French skills in French reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each session will focus on the instruction of specific language elements to build student engagement and confidence in French communication. These current pedagogical practices will be modelled through activities designed to build teachers’ confidence and French language skills. Meal times with the whole group are instrumental in fostering personal and professional conversations while creating a supportive network for teachers.  These times are used to immerse teachers as much as possible in French discussions and encourage them to take risks to further develop their own French language skills. Each workshop will focus on a theme and when possible, external facilitators or artists will be brought in to enrich the experience and knowledge of the teachers on French language, culture and pedagogy.

See below for the links to the forms for all school year APPELS and APPELS-Encore registrations.


APPELS workshops are designed for teachers who are at the beginner to intermediate level in their French language skills. The workshops are designed to help build participating teacher’s confidence and language skills and give teachers additional language instructional strategies that can be readily applied to the classroom.  APPELS workshops will be bilingual as appropriate to the participants’ level of French language mastery.  Meals are included to offer an opportunity for personal and professional interactions. Please see below for more information.


Day one:
9:00AM – Meet & Greet
9:30AM-12:00PM – Workshop Session
12:00PM-1:00PM – Lunch
1:00PM-5:00pm – Workshop Session
Supper to follow.

Day two:
9:00AM-12:00PM – Workshop Sessions
12:00PM – 1:00PM Lunch
1:00PM-3:30PM – Final activity or project


APPELS-Encore – Dates TBD

APPELS-Encore sessions will provide a comfortable environment for teachers of intermediate and advanced French language skills to exercise and improve their French oral and written communications in both professional and social contexts. The APPELS-Encore sessions will be delivered in French only to offer a complete immersion experience. Teachers will learn about current pedagogical practices and will be informed of current findings in research on FSL and FI education.  Teachers will participate in collaborative activities in which they will be able to apply the strategies and information discussed to lessons and exercises for the classroom.  Please see below for more information. More details will be posted as soon as they are finalized.


APPELS Summer Program – July 19-24, 2020
Registration Form Here

The summer session involves a 6 day trip to a francophone milieu where teachers will be immersed in French language and culture. Participants will be billeted with francophone families offering an authentic immersion experience.  During the session, French language workshops will be offered in the mornings and cultural and social activities will be coordinated during the afternoons and evenings. One day will include a trip to St. Boniface. Participants will orally present a final project that will give them the opportunity to apply the strategies and methodologies modelled during the session.  The cost is $200 for the session with a deposit of $50 due as soon as possible. Registrations are open until all available spots are filled.

EXCELS for Senior years students – Dates TBD

Participants of EXCELS will be immersed in French language and culture through interactive activities such as music appreciation, games and authentic communication opportunities. The Balanced Literacy and Actional Approaches will be used to engage students in activities where they will control the direction of the conversations and actions involved.  Innovative themes and topics will provide students with these opportunities to engage in modelled conversations which will help students to focus on their abilities rather than on their limitations. It is our hope that changing students’ perceptions of their skills will help improve their confidence in French and foster their enjoyment in learning French. Teachers of participating students will also be guided on how to continue to develop their students’ French language skills and passion for learning French. Meals and accommodations will be provided for participating students and chaperones.

Please Note:  Registrations must be submitted electronically by email. 

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