2017/2018 Courses

Students can either fulfill the requirements of the Calendar year in which they declared a major/minor in English, or under the present 2016/2017 Undergraduate Calendar. Under Calendars 2014/2015 or earlier, a student must complete courses from 3 lists. Under Calendar 2015/2016 and later, a student must fulfill the Historical Breadth requirement. Historical Breadth courses are listed below with an HB. See Calendars or the Department Chair for further details and other degree requirements. Please note that there is a separate tentative list for courses in Creative Writing.

Please click on the title of the course for a brief description.

Both term courses, September – April (6 cr hours):

30.334 20th Century American Literature (Rose, slot 3)

Fall Term, September-December (3 cr hours):

30.282 Gothic Fiction (Robson, slot 7)
30.283 Canadian Drama (Kramer, slot 11)
30.360 Age of Beheadings (Smid, slot 8) HB, and new course
30.339 Shakespeare I (Smid, slot 4) HB, and new course
30.371 20th Century British Poetry (Rose, slot 10)
30.478 Postmodernism and Beyond (Kramer, slot 6)

Winter Term, January-April (3 cr hours):

30.255 19th Century British Novel (Robson, slot 7)
30.331 Life without Shakespeare (Hackler, slot 4) HB, and new course
30.365 Victorian Poetry (Robson, slot 5)
30.348 Joy of Text (Allan, slot 8) new course
30.363 Canadian Literature to 1990 (Kramer, slot 11)
30.463 Contemporary Critical Theory (Kramer, slot 6)
30.453 Poetry and Prosody (Tryphonopoulos, Tuesday evening) new course