2018/2019 Courses (Very Tentative)

To help you in your planning, and to give you an idea of how senior level literature courses rotate, here is a list of courses the department tentatively plans to offer in 2018/2019:

30.2xx Early 20th-Century American Fiction–new
30.235 Early Women Writers (6 cr hours)
30.271 Film 1: The Silver Screen
30.273: Film 2: Night Visions
30.281 Science Fiction
30.332 19th-Century American Literature (6 cr hours)
30.340 Shakespeare II–new
30.361 Middle English Romance
30.363 Canadian Literature since 1990
30.373 Medieval Drama
30.383 Between Men: Literature and Masculinity
30.386 History of Literary Criticism
30.451 Jane Austen
30.4xx American Abolitionism–new
30.4xx The Birds and the Bees: Animals in Early English Literature–new