2018/2019 Creative Writing Courses

Students fulfill the requirements of the Calendar year in which they declared a minor in Creative Writing or a major in Creative Arts. Note that there is a 3-year minor and a 4-year minor in Creative Writing. There is also the 4-year Creative Arts degree, of which Creative Writing is one possible stream. See the Undergraduate University Calendar, or the Department Chair, or the Creative Writing Program Director for further details and other degree requirements. Please note that there is a separate tentative list for senior level literature courses in the Department.

Fall Term, September-December (3 cr hours):

30.274 Creative Writing (Lakevold, slot 8)
30.274 Creative Writing (Portman, slot 11)
30.274 Creative Writing (Portman, Wednesday evening)
30.277 Short Fiction Writing (Lakevold, Monday evening)

Winter Term, January-April (3 cr hours):

30.274 Creative Writing (Lakevold, slot 8)
30.353 Creative Writing: Poetry (TBA, slot 4)
30.356 Intermediate Workshop in Creative Writing (Lakevold, Monday evening)
30.459 Advanced Seminar in Creative Writing (Lakevold, no slot)