Drama Courses

Please check the current course calendar for all requirements for a 4-year minor or a 3-year minor in Drama.

2021-2022 courses

*Please double-check all course times and descriptions against the current registration guide and the current university calendar.

Term 1

20.163 Introduction to Theatre I (TBA, slot 13)
20.173 Theatre and Identity (Russell, slot 11)
20.267 Character Study I (TBA, Thurs 19:00-22:00)
20.340 Shakespeare II (TBA, slot 12)

Term 2

20.164 Introduction to Theatre II (TBA, Tue/Thur 11:40-1300)
20.268 Character Study II (TBA, Tue/Thur 13:40-15:00)
20.351 Playwriting (TBA, slot 11)
20.368 Character Study III (TBA, Wed 17:00-20:00)
30.372 Twentieth-Century British Drama (Rose, slot 2)