Student Club

Hello there!

I would like to start off by welcoming you to the English and Creative Writing Community (ECWC), whether you were previously a member, or have only recently joined, welcome :)

The ECWC provides an opportunity for students and faculty in the Department of English and Creative Writing to meet together regularly and informally. The Community is designed to foster supportive and mentoring relationships between faculty and students, but more importantly, between students in various levels of the Department. Students just entering the Department (or considering joining) can learn a great deal from the students who have already had experience within the Department for a few years. Even though our group may be for English/Creative Writing students, many of the events that we plan will be open to the student body, as well as faculty members. Although it may seem intimidating and somewhat strange to be involved with professors outside of classes, it is an excellent way for you to get to know them better, and it doesn’t hurt for them to know you too…either way, building a lasting relationship with profs is a great way to create connections and learn something new!

Regular social events for the ECWC may include, but are definitely not limited to, Flash Fiction Fridays, the Departmental wine and cheese, potluck meals, and discussions about grad school and employment opportunities.

The ECWC provides a way to advertise events such as poetry readings on campus or around the city, theatrical performances, book sales, and so on, by means of an email list and class announcements, as well as the social media outlets listed on the side of this page. If you hear of an event that you believe others would be interested in, give us a shout and we’ll do our best to get the word out! As well, if you have any ideas for events that you believe we could put on as a club, we are very open to possibilities and would love to hear them.

We would also love to hear feedback about the events that we do put on, so if you have an idea of what we could improve on, or what you think we’re doing right, let us know!

If you would like to receive regular updates about upcoming English and Creative Writing Community events, please write down your name and email address at one of the events or see Dr. Smid. You are welcome to join the group if you are majoring or minoring in the Department, if you’re taking only one class in the Department, or if you’re simply interested in English and Creative Writing! If you would like to help organize, plan, or suggest future events, please contact Dr. Smid at or the High Council members at

You can also join our group on:

Facebook: English and Creative Writing Community at Brandon University
Twitter: ECWHighCouncil
Instagram: brandonenglishclub

From your (executive or) High Council members,

Jenna English, Nathan MacKrith, and Dr. Deanna Smid