First Year Guide

Participating in all the programs mentioned on this page will help you build a foundation of success that will support you during your first year at BU and beyond!

1. Attend Orientation & Engage in Welcome Week Activities


Attend Orientation and get a jump start on your journey at BU! Check back soon for a full schedule highlighting fun, activities, campus tours, and information sessions!

Welcome Week

We want to give you an official welcome and also the opportunity engage in all that BU has to offer! Joining in on Welcome Week activities give you the opportunity to learn about services and supports at BU, meet new people, explore your interests, and have a lot of fun! Check back soon for an updated schedule!

2. Get Organized

Check your BU Webmail (email)

At the top of the BU homepage, there is the word WEBMAIL.  Click on that to access your BU account.  You will need to have claimed your i.d. (see above) before you can access this account.    You can forward this email to another account (e.g. hotmail, gmail).  Please check this email regularly! Your BU Webmail account is the primary way we contact you about changes to your classes, wait-lists, upcoming events, and so much more!

Know your Class Schedule

You can find an electronic copy of your schedule by logging into Student Information. Click on the Time Table table and Generate Timetable. Print a copy or take a screen shot on your phone. This way you will never be late for class!

Find your Way Around

In general classrooms are numbered based on which floor of the building they are located on.  Example: CH 212 means Room 212, second floor, Clark Hall.  Use this campus map to find your way around! Student Leaders (people in bright yellow shirts) will be around campus for the first two weeks of classes and can help you find your classroom.

Keeping your “things” organized

Lockers are located in the Basement Floor of the Brodie Building and the Queen Elizabeth II Music Building. Lockers can be rented by going to Financial and Registration services on the second floor of Clark Hall.

3. Places to Know



Did you know that you can book a one-on-one appointment with a librarian to help get you started on your research or help navigate Ebsco Host?

Visit the Library website

Healthy Living Centre


Visit the Healthy Living Centre to see the current listing of campus recreation and intramural activities. There is something for everyone!

Visit the HLC website

Indigenous Peoples’ Centre (IPC)


The IPC is a student’s home away from home. Here you will find couches to relax on, a kids area for educational play, an Elders room for smudging, and a kitchen where soup is often brewing, but most importantly, we offer you a family and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Visit the IPC website

Office of International Activities


The Office of International Activities is a home away from home for all international students. All international students should feel welcome here and can seek assistance with all types of concerns.

All BU students are encouraged to visit the office for information on exchange programs, travelling, working, or studying abroad.

Visit the Office of International Activities website

Student Services

Student Services is primarily located on the first floor of the A.E. McKenzie Building. Students can connect with services such as Student Accessibility Services, Personal Counselling, Career Planning and Placement, Academic Advising, and Academic Skills.

Visit the Student Services website

4. Learning Resources

Academic Skills Centre


The Academic Skills centre offers assistance through three related offices: writing skills, learning skills, and math skills.

Haven’t written a paper is several years? Need some solid study techniques? Fractions getting you down? The Centre’s primary goal is to help students become more efficient learners, equipped with greater confidence, motivation and skill. Students are encouraged to access the Centre’s services through either individual appointments designed to address specific learning issues or group workshops that deal with some of the most common learning issues facing students

Visit the Academic Skills Centre website

Success1 Workshop Series

2000px-Simple_Alert.svgThe Success1 Workshop Series provides academic and life skills that are essential for student success! Workshops are geared for first-year students; however, any Brandon University student is welcome to attend. There are no fees to attend the workshops and seating is available on a first-come-first-served basis! Discover workshops explore topics in Writing Skills, Math Skills, Learning Skills, Career Planning, Wellness, and Library Resources. Attend six workshops and receive a certificate.

Click here for a full schedule of workshops! (coming soon)

Early Alert

2000px-Simple_Alert.svgWe know that your first semester can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We are watching the most difficult first year classes to reach out to you if you need a helping hand. Students in Early Alert classes who receive a D or less on their first assignment will be contacted by Student Services and invited to meet with a coach to help get you back on track! Our friendly staff can help you find and use the services on campus that will help you make the most of your education. Watch you BU Webmail for communication about Early Alert! Questions? Email Michelle at

Success1 Transition Program

2000px-Simple_Alert.svgSuccess1 is a program that helps students to make a smooth transition to university. Success1 students is for students in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Education (B.A/B.Ed Integrated & Physical Education Studies). Students are admitted to their faculties as a regular student or mature student and are provided with the necessary skills and resources to achieve academic success.

If you are a Success1 student already please be sure to watch your BU Webmail for information about Success Coaching.  If you have additional questions about Success1 please connect with your Academic Advisor.

If you are not a Success1 student but feel that you could benefit from this program please know that you can opt-in. For more information or to opt-in contact Michelle at


2000px-Simple_Alert.svgMotiv8 is an event held every January to help students start the new year on the right track! Students can participate in workshops, wellness activities, one-on-one appointments with Student Services professionals and much more! This event is open to all students and is particularly helpful for students who struggled in Term 1, are new to BU in Term 2, or who want to take their studies to the next level. Watch BU Student Life social media and your BU Webmail for details!

5. Online Resources


Moodle is a one-stop place to get all of our course information. Professors will post the course outline, important dates and information and supplementary materials.

What is Moodle

Companion Websites

These sites have interactive tests for each chapter of the text, as well as valuable study tools such as chapter outlines, flashcards, crossword puzzles and concentration games.

Companion websites

6. Have Fun

Get Involved

Brandon University Student Music Educators Association.

Brandon University Student Music Educators Association.

Check with your professors to see if there is a club for your major and minor (e.g. History Club). Visit the Brandon University Students’ Union page to learn more about additional clubs and collectives on campus.

View all Club Listings

Things To Do

BU Women's Volleyball players celebrating.

BU Women’s Volleyball team.

Don’t be a parking lot-classroom-parking lot student. Check out:

Check your email and the television screens across campus for a weekly calendar of events.

7. Student Opportunities

Student Job Opportunities

Check the website regularly for on-campus positions.

Look for on-campus jobs

Student Leadership Opportunities


Join a team of enthusiastic people like yourself who will work with new students during Trek and Orientation. You can work towards a Service Learning notation on your transcript.

Visit the Student Leaders website

8. Keep the Conversation Going

twitter-117595_1280Join BU on Social Media

Use #IAMBU regularly!