Everyone Eats Brandon


Everyone Eats is a not-for-profit community initiative developed in partnership with the Brandon Food Council, John Howard Society, Brandon Food Services and Assiniboine Community College in response to increasing rates of food insecurity, nutrition insecurity and food waste.

Our mission is to provide top quality, nutritionally balanced meals at a price point that everyone can afford so that there are no barriers to good food.

Food insecurity, before the pandemic affected 14.4% of households in Manitoba and more than one in five children. The majority of these individuals being employed or on social assistance clearly indicates that current minimum wage and social assistance levels are not enough to meet basic needs. Furthermore, as a result of COVID 19, food insecurity rates will only have increased due to rising unemployment and the closure or reduction of social services that many individuals rely on.

Manitobans are also greatly affected by rising rates of diet-related disease. Diabetes affects 1 in 10 Manitobans, 90% of those cases are type 2 diabetes which is a largely preventable condition that results mainly from poor nutrition and lack of physical activity which are propelled by poverty.

Everyone Eats is an initiative to stand in the gap, to assist folks in meeting immediate nutritional needs while also providing the dignity of contributing to one’s meal in the amount you are able.

This ability to participate in meeting your own food needs and anonymity of payment is crucial to removing the stigma and shame associated with lack of economic resources.

By starting with the creation of this universally acceptable, barrier-free platform we can work together to build a healthy, empowered community.

Our mission:

At Everyone Eats…

We will provide top quality, nutritionally balanced dinners accessible by a confidential donation of any amount so that individuals are afforded the dignity of contributing to the purchase of their meal as they are able;

We will deliver dinners in the community for those with disabilities and health limitations;

We will creatively use available food surplus, help to avoid food waste in our facility and support organizations to develop forward thinking policies that reduce food waste in our region;

We will use our purchasing power to support local producers and enhance local economy; and

We will continue to advocate for systemic change to eliminate poverty.

How it works:

BU Food Services staff will create a Chef inspired “Meal of the Day” that will be posted each day on our home page including ingredients.

For the trial period we will provide 200 dinners a day.

You can place an order by filling out the simple online order form or giving us a call before 2 pm daily.

Meals can be ordered for one person or multiple persons at each household for curbside pickup or delivery if needed.

Meals can be ordered for all three days, Wednesday June 10, Thursday June 11 and Friday June 12 at time of purchase.

The cost to produce a meal with Everyone Eats is $8 per meal. This includes labour to employ our kitchen staff as well as the cost of food, and packaging.

When you order you will see a suggested donation price of $8, this confidential donation can be adjusted anywhere from $0-$100.

Payment can be submitted online, over the phone, or in person at pickup.

We understand that many people are self isolating or have limited mobility and so we have a team of volunteers available to deliver your meal/s if needed.

Curbside Pickup: Pick up will be from 4-6 pm at Brandon University’s Harvest Hall 270 18Th Street ( enter off 20th Street, ) North of the Kitchen by parking lot 4. We will have the area will signed so you can’t miss your meal!

Delivery: If you need your meal delivered we will have a team of volunteers available to deliver a limited number of meals to your doorstep to ensure “contactless delivery”. Your delivery time will be based on your location in the city to ensure efficiency of volunteer time. For multifamily dwellings we will leave the meals at the common door – to ensure hot meals for everyone we will not run the meals up to individual suites

Meal it Forward:

Individuals can help out by contributing over and above the recommended $8 per portion for their meals or donate to the cause. Charitable donations receipts will be issued ( if requested ) from the John Howard Society will be issued for donations in excess of $28, and will be for the amount actually donated in excess of the meals (at $8) provided to a donor.

Payment methods accepted:

Payment/donations will be made on ordering. Online you can use a credit card via our PayPal process or etransfer to everyoneeatsbrandonmb@gmail.com when you chose your option online a step by step process will ensure a secure transfer.

Payment/donations can be made in person upon pickup via debit or cash
Payment/donations can also be made over the phone by calling 204-727-9652.

Deliveries will be contactless, with your meal being dropped at your door, cash donations will be accepted but change not available.

Volunteer with us:

If you or your organization would like to partner with us to deliver meals in our community please contact: everyoneeatsbrandonmb@gmail.com