Menu Options

Our professional caterers provide top quality food and service to make any occasion a memorable success. Choose from our standard Buffet menu options or for an extra special menu, see our Royal Buffet menu offerings.

Contact the Food Services to help plan a delicious meal for your next function.

Wedding Buffet Options

The following buffet is priced at $33.50 per person, plus applicable taxes.

Children 5 & under are free, 6-12 years are half price.

Please include these numbers in with your total count, as they will need seating.

Dinners include dinner rolls, with coffee/tea and iced water on tables


Please choose THREE of the following salads:

  • Caesar salad with spiced pita chips
  • Traditional Greek salad with feta cheese
  • Rustic field greens with assorted dressing
  • Thai noodle salad
  • Spinach salad with buttermilk dressing
  • Grilled vegetables with balsamic
  • Ham and Pasta Salad

Carved Entrée:

Please choose ONE of the following entrées:

  • Carved Roast Beef with au Jus, horseradish
  • Carved Roast Turkey with homemade dressing, cranberry Sauce
  • Carved Leg of Ham with Dijon mustard sauce

Additional Entrée:

Please choose ONE of the following entrées. More than one additional entrée is an additional $2.80 per person

  • Chicken:
  • Chicken with yogurt, ginger and spices
  • Chicken cacciatore – braised with mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and peppers
  • Thai red curry chicken Chicken souvlaki with tzatziki Butter chicken


  • Stir fried ginger beef
  • Italian beef lasagna
  • Cabbage rolls with beef


  • Mexican vegetable and bean stew with tomatoes
  • Vegetable protein with butter chicken sauce
  • Vegetarian cabbage rolls in tomato sauce
  • Potato and cheese Perogies, side sour cream

Side Dishes & Dessert:


Please choose ONE of the following starches:

  • Mashed potatoes Steamed rice Pilaf rice
  • Roasted potatoes Couscous Scalloped potato


Please choose ONE of the following vegetables:

  • Oven roasted vegetables (carrots, celery, onion, peppers)
  • Glazed baby carrots
  • Buttered kernel corn
  • Steamed mixed vegetable
  • Broccoli/cauliflower mix


Please choose ONE of the following desserts:

  • Spiced carrot cake
  • Dessert dainty squares
  • Cheesecake with hot toppings
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Strawberry shortcake

Fruit Punch can be added for your entire group at an additional charge. Our punch is made of fruit juices and fresh fruit floating in the punch.

Late Night Snack:

  • Three types of deli meats Two types of sliced cheese
  • Condiments Pickle platter
  • Dinner rolls Coffee
    $6.50 per person (plus applicable taxes)

The late night snack is charged at 80% of your attendance, with 100% of the food available to your guests.
We will require a confirmation of attendance 96 hours prior to your function.
There is a $280.00 rental charge for the Main Dining Room if your numbers are below 160. We will gladly waive the rental only if your numbers are over 160 people.

Important Points:
Currently all beer, spirits and wine are $5.00 each, coolers $6.00 *subject to increase*
There is no bartender charge as long as the sales are over $1000.00.
We supply all beer, wine and alcohol as well as mix.
We supply the liquor license.
We supply all linen napkins and tablecloths with your choice of colors.

House wine $19.95 per bottle (Gallo)
Other wine requested will be priced upon ordering

Re:Sound Fees – Artists and Record Companies (Subject to 5% GST)


  • 1-100 Without Dance $9.25 With Dance $18.51
  • 101-300 $13.30 $26.63
  • 301-500 $27.76 $55.52
  • Over 500 $39.33 $78.66

Socan Fees – Music Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (Subject to 5% GST)


  • 1-100 Without Dance $22.06 With Dance $44.13
  • 101-300 $31.72 $63.49
  • 301-500 $66.19 $132.39
  • Over 500 $93.78 $187.55

There is a $500.00 deposit that we require to hold the room. If your event is cancelled, and we cannot re-book the date we will keep the deposit. If the room is re-booked, we will gladly refund your money.

*Plus applicable taxes
All prices subject to change