Waiver of Transfer Credit

Students applying for transfer (those who have taken previous courses at another accredited post-secondary institution, i.e. either a university or community college) must submit official transcripts for all coursework taken. Grades obtained in such previous coursework may affect status upon admission and/or whether admission is granted or denied. However, students may request a waiver of transfer for all courses taken five years or more prior to admission.

The five-year period will be calculated based on the first day of classes of the first term for which Brandon University registration is sought. Courses at other post-secondary institutions which concluded five years or more prior to that date are subject to the waiver, if requested.

This request must be made in writing to the Admissions Office by completing the Transfer Credit Waiver Form. The waiver, if granted by the Director of Admissions, is permanent. Where such a waiver is granted, the courses concerned will not be evaluated for transfer credit, will not appear on the Brandon University transcript, and will not affect academic performance calculations at Brandon University (once the student has been admitted).