Churchill Field Course

This is a notice about a field course to CHURCHILL, MB, being offered through the University of Winnipeg’s Department of Geography in August 2018.

Brandon University students, particularly in Geography or Environmental Science, may take it for credit in their degree program. For more information about taking this for BU credit, please contact Dr Derrek Eberts, chair of the Department of Geography at Brandon University.

Some general information follows:

Have you ever wanted to see a polar bear in the wild! The northern lights like you have never seen them before? Belugas whales in the wild by the thousands? AND be able to learn, practice and hone the skills you have learned during your time at university through an applied field based course? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the “Churchill” course may be for you.

The Department of Geography at the University of Winnipeg is pleased to announce that it will be offering GEOG-4801(3) Geography Field Seminar in Churchill, Manitoba next August 2018.

The course will run from August 21 to September 1 inclusive, and will be based at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. This is a project-focused course; students will work in groups to acquire, analyze, and present the results of primary data collected in the field relating to the physical and human environments/landscapes of the Churchill region. Upon return home students will complete the necessary deliverables during the Fall 2018 semester.

The prerequisite for this course is GEOG-3330 Research Methods in Geography. Students who have earned credit for a research methods course from another department (e.g., ENV-3609; BIOL-4451) or university (such as Brandon University Geography course 38:265 Applied Quantitative Methods in Geography or 38:279 Introduction to Geographic Research Methods) may also be eligible to enroll in the Churchill course with permission of the instructor(s). Students lacking a research methods course may also be eligible, especially if they have a strong background in field research.

If you have questions concerning this course, or if you want further information, please contact:

Mark Krawetz

Department of Geography, University of Winnipeg

Office: 5L09