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Ramjit Singh Mann

Ramjit Singh Mann

Ramjit Singh Mann, Donor

I am a strong believer of education and sharing my resources in order to help others. I follow the advice of Guru Nanak, a 15th century great philosopher, who was a strong advocate for education and service to humanity. He declared that all of humankind has the right to education, which would be applied to the welfare of humanity.

I donate to Brandon University because it is local, convenient for our children to attend, and provides excellent education.

During my past 48 years in Brandon, I have witnessed large numbers of students graduate from this university and the success they achieve in their chosen professions. I am certain they will pass this gift of education to the next generation. Scholarships and bursaries are available to students who require financial help regardless of gender, race or color. This way no student is denied their right to education due to lack of funds. In other words, our small donations make a big impact in someone’s future. It is my humble appeal to everyone to consider donating to BU for this worthy cause.

Patricia Bowslaugh

Patricia Bowslaugh

Patricia Bowslaugh, TTC ’60, BA ’71, BEd ’76, Donor

I have been a dedicated supporter of this institution from the days when I first attended Brandon College to years ago when my two sons attended and today with now my two granddaughters enrolled! I am a proud alumna having acquired my Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education and part of my Masters of Education.

Upon my retirement in 1999 from a 39-year teaching career with the Brandon School Division, I was thrilled to continue my journey at the University. What started out as teaching a single course, quickly turned into 11 wonderful years within the faculty of Education. I recall one of my most rewarding experiences was the work in initiating the implementation of Brandon University’s Master of Education Program. Our committee saw an opportunity and together, our vision became a reality!

With such a strong history with BU, it was an easy decision to forward some of my remuneration back to the University. Of course, I could even designate where my donation would be used!

Once a habit is begun, somehow it just tends to continue on. I continue to donate monthly and at year end I am always grateful to receive my charitable tax receipt.

Yes, in 1999 I never dreamed that I would have two granddaughters benefiting from those of us who have chosen to support our alma mater in making Brandon University the gem of what it is today.

Iris Wang

Iris Wang

Iris Wang, Donor, BA ’15, Alumni Association Board Member

Being a BU alumna and a staff member currently working at the University, I cannot express how the University has impacted and shaped my life. I came from an ordinary Chinese family and was fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue my undergraduate study at Brandon University, a small, student-centered and inclusive community. This has allowed me to learn, think and work with a diverse group of people.

Tuition was a significant financial burden for my family at that time. My parents had to use up all of their savings to support me for a better education. There were times that I felt ashamed and guilty by being here and studying at the University. Having part-time jobs helped relieve some of the financial weight to some degree, but it also impacted my ability to keep up with academic studies.

Scholarship support turned things around. I earned a scholarship in my second year and continued to do so until my graduation. Because of the generosity of donors, I was able to focus on my studies. Working was no longer money-driven but rather skill building and for personal development.

As a newcomer, it was hard to adjust to a new environment so different from my home. The tremendous support I received from professors, staff and community members not only in academics but also in personal life helped me to situate myself and to find my second home. All of these experiences have led me to truly understand what giving is and to help me discover what I am passionate about – I want to be the “helper”, like those who have helped me, to assist and support students at Brandon University.

Gerald Butler

Gerald Butler

Gerald Butler, BSc ’63, Donor, Foundation Board Member

I’m proud of Brandon University and what it has done for me and all the students who have been influenced by the people of BU. Brandon University is all about the people- the students, the professors, the administration, the alumni and all the friends of BU. BU is about people helping people to help the students to help themselves to a happy, healthy, abundant life so that they, in turn, can help others. The administration helps to keep the University moving forward and upward. The professors share their knowledge and inspiration. The staff keeps the campus, classrooms, libraries, labs, offices and cafeteria bright and cheerful, conducive to a happy learning atmosphere. Government grants and tuition fees help to pay the bills and a health Brandon University Foundation helps when and where it is needed.

It starts with the students and it ends-actually, it never really ends. We become lifelong learners. Gandhi said, “live as if you will die tomorrow, but learn as if you will live forever.

Dwayne Wheeler

Dwayne Wheeler

Dwayne Wheeler, 3rd yr BN Student

I returned to university at the age of 48 after a 25-year career in the public sector. I choose BU and the Bachelor of Nursing program for its small class sizes and rural and indigenous nursing focus. Relocating from Winnipeg to Brandon presented many financial difficulties. In the nursing program, we spend many hours each week in clinical rotations and working during the school year is extremely difficult. Receiving scholarships and bursaries has allowed me to focus on my studies. I am proud to have earned my place on the President’s Honour Society and the Dean’s Honour list.

I hope you consider making a gift to BU or continue with your gift because you will be making a tangible difference in a student’s life. The help of people such as yourselves have given me the opportunity to excel at my chosen career.

When I graduate and begin my career as a nurse, I intend to give back to BU as an alumnus, so I can bring the gifts I received full circle.

Val Sandy

Val Sandy

Val Sandy, 2nd yr BA Student

I am a 4th year student, and am pursuing a degree in Sociology with a minor in Native Studies. In 2015, I attended the All Nation Graduation Wacipi, and I was amazed at how the University honoured the Indigenous Students for their achievements. The following year, I was a Brandon University Student. Since my 1st year, I have had the opportunity to involve myself in Student Government; various positions on the BU Aboriginal Student Collective and now, as a Director on the Brandon University Student’s Union. I chose to be involved as it allows the Indigenous student voice to be continuously heard and acknowledged as an equal on the Brandon University Campus.

My vision for the Indigenous students of Brandon University is to expand our cultural resources. I find it very comforting knowing that I have a safe space to turn to on campus that allows me to take advantage of resources to help me in my educational journey as an Indigenous student.

I have found a community within the Brandon University Campus; I have found family and friends in the Indigenous Peoples’ Centre, where we share cultural experiences and knowledge.

Together we gather in prayer in the He Oyate Tawapi room, we gather for feasts, and have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities such as drum making or beading.

I strongly believe that sharing these experiences is a huge support to me in my journey towards obtaining a successful degree at Brandon University. Pidamayaye.

Joseph Mamuric Jr.

Joseph Mamuric

Joseph Mamuric Jr., 3rd yr BA Student

I started university at BU in 2015, just a few months after I arrived in Canada. For many student’s immigrants or not, this is a significant step in their lives; away from parents and family, first forays into career planning, and making difficult financial decisions. All of these take a toll on the physical and mental health of students. In my opinion, having a robust support system for students not only elevates academic performance but it also creates a positive impact on student confidence in their institution.

Having a robust support system for students not only elevates academic performance, but it also creates a positive impact on student confidence in their institution.

Dr. David Docherty

Dr. David Docherty

Dr. David Docherty, President & Vice-Chancellor

The gift of a scholarship or bursary truly is the gift that keeps on giving. How? In so many ways.

First, being a full-time student is a full-time job. A student with a full course load will be working on their studies for a minimum of 45 hours a week. Students who must work throughout the year to pay for their education must often drop their course load to balance school, work and family. A scholarship that keeps them from working during the school term leads to a shorter time to graduation. They enter the work force sooner and are investing in our economy. Second, someone who received a scholarship as a student is much more likely to donate as an alumni. They have seen the power of giving and they know personally how it positively impacted their university experience. It is their way of giving back and saying thanks for your generosity and kindness. And the students who benefit from these donations? Well, happily there is a very good chance that the cycle will continue. That is truly the gift that keeps on giving.