Legacy Giving

Leaving a Legacy

Legacy Giving, also called Planned Giving, is a wonderful way for you and your family to plan now for a gift that will make a significant impact on future generations of students at Brandon University.

Legacy Gifts offer many advantages to both you and the University. They allow the University to plan ahead with confidence because generous donors like you have made future commitments. Legacy Gifts can also offer significant tax advantages to you now, or to your estate, depending on your personal circumstances.

What is a Legacy Gift?

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A Legacy Gift is a charitable donation arranged during a donor’s lifetime but generally not available to Brandon University until sometime in the future. Combined with estate and tax planning, legacy gifts can maintain the value of your estate for loved ones while allowing you to make a gift without affecting your current lifestyle.

Methods of Making a Legacy Gift

Bequests By Will

A gift of cash, property, or a percentage of your estate all leave a lasting legacy for students at BU. If you wish to consider BU as one of those you want to remember in your will, our office would be happy to provide you with sample wording.

Life Insurance

You can establish a life insurance policy now that identifies BU as the beneficiary. If you name BU as the owner of the policy, you will receive a tax receipt for the cost of your payments to the policy. Your small monthly payments will ultimately leave a significant gift to the University.


Making a gift of stock, bonds or mutual funds could provide a significant tax advantage to your estate. You’ll receive a tax receipt for the full value of the securities upon transfer to the charity and Canadians are no longer taxed on capital gains when they make this type of donation.

Personal Property or Real Estate

When you make a gift of property, buildings, or land to the University, a charitable tax receipt will be provided to you or your estate.

We would be pleased to speak with you about these or other methods of creating a Legacy Gift, and what works best for your unique, personal circumstances. We also encourage you to speak with your financial advisor and lawyer for additional advice.

The A. E. McKenzie Legacy Society

The A. E. McKenzie Legacy Society recognizes donors who have established a Legacy Gift for Brandon University. It is named in honour of Albert Edward McKenzie, the first person to designate a planned gift to BU. Given at the height of the depression in the 1930s, his gift saved the University from certain closure. This will always be remembered as a vitally important part of Brandon University’s history.

Donors who plan a Legacy Gift to Brandon University are invited to join the A. E. McKenzie Legacy Society. We encourage you to consider a Legacy Gift today and to follow in the spirit of A. E. McKenzie’s generosity.

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