Health Insurance for International Students and Visitors to Brandon University

Effective April 1, 2012 International students who have obtained a study permit of at least 6 consecutive months in duration are eligible, free of charge, for Manitoba Health and Pharmacare coverage. Application for this insurance coverage should be made as soon as the student arrives in Manitoba and application forms are available in the Office of International Activities, Brandon University.

It is mandatory that all full time students studying at Brandon University be enrolled in the Brandon University Student Union Health & Dental Plan. There is a charge for this coverage. Students who provide BUSU with proof of comparable coverage may opt out of this Plan.

Sufficient and adequate insurance should be purchased prior to departure from your home country for coverage during travel and for all requirements not covered by the Manitoba Health and BUSU plans.

Manitoba Health & Pharmacare coverage:

BUSU Health & Dental Plan coverage:

Students with a visitor’s permit, studying for programs of less than 6 months, and other International visitors to Brandon University are NOT eligible for Manitoba Health and Pharmacare coverage. If you are not eligible you must purchase sufficient and adequate health and travel insurance coverage in your country of residence prior to your departure or you may choose to buy your health insurance coverage from any private health insurance provider as long as the coverage is valid for medical expenses in Canada. One option available to you is medical coverage you can purchase from at

It is your responsibility to ensure proper medical coverage is secured before leaving your country of residence.