Karen Doty-Sweetnam


R.P.N., M.Ed.
Assistant Professor – Psychiatric Nursing
Phone: (204) 571-8525
Fax:  (204) 571-8568
Office:  HSB 151

Karen was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She initially attended the Alberta Hospital Edmonton Program for Psychiatric Nursing to complete her first year. She then diverted her attention to psychology and education and attended the Universityof Calgarybut found herself returning to her first love and completed her Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing in August 1983 from Alberta Hospital Ponoka.

Her first job as a RPN was as a Developmental Disability Mental Health Nurse in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan serving two Hutterite Communities and the Onion Lake Indian Reserve. This was the first of many job placements establishing herself as a specialist in working with culturally diverse populations.

After several years in Alberta, Karen moved to B.C. and joined the field of addictions and was the first female addiction counselor in B.C. to do cross-gendered counseling in the B.C. prison system. During her time as an addictions counselor, she was invited and became part of the Native Brotherhood and was given her first of many ceremonial Eagle Feathers.

In 1997, Karen entered the field of management in nursing and obtained her Master of Education degree from Simon Fraser University.

In 1998, Karen was recruited to work inRotorua,New Zealand, to work with Maori Mental Health. During her time there, she immersed herself within the Maori community.

In 2000, Karen moved toWellington, New Zealandand became the Project Coordinator for the new regional forensic and rehabilitation hospital and worked as a consultant on the project, developed the policy and procedure manual and did staff training and development.

In 2001, Karen was recruited to Melbourne, Australiato work at EPPIC (Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre) as Unit Manager and Clinical Nurse Educator. During her time in Melbourne, she was involved in both research and education.  Her first research paper was presented at the World Psychosis Convention, Creating a Therapeutic Milieu for Young People with Psychosis.

In 2002, Karen returned to Canada and established the first day treatment program for youth inKamloops, B.C. She also was contracted by the Ministry of Children and Family Development to provided consultation services to the northern regions of B.C. for youth with mental illness.

In 2005, Karen joined the Developmental Disability Mental Health Services, Interior Health, as a Team Leader and Regional Clinical Practice Standards Consultant.

In 2008, Karen spent 16 weeks in the high arctic of the Baffin Region as the Community Mental Health Nurse for two Inuit Communities. During her time in the north she accepted a position with Brandon University, Faculty of Health Studies, Department of Psychiatric Nursing, as an Assistant Professor. In her first three years at Brandon University Karen has accomplished the following:

Academic Teaching:

  • (2008- current) Medical Nursing: 69: 263, 69:263 & 264
  • (2008- current) Integrated Practice I: 69:255
  • (2008-current) Integrated Practice II: 69:265
  • (2008-2011) Integrated Practice III: 69: 346
  • (2009-current) Addictions: 69:379
  • (2011-current) Senior Practicum: 69:422

Community Development:

  •  (2008 – current) Steering Committee of the Brandon Community Drug and Alcohol Education Coalition
  •  (2010-current) BRHA Board Member (Appointed by the Deputy Minister of Health) Brandon Regional Health Authority Executive Committee Board Member
  • RESOLVE (Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse) Alternate Committee Member for Manitoba

 Internal Committees:

  • (2008-2009) FNAC Steering Committee
  • (2008-2010) Status of Women
  • (2008-2011) Hiring Committee for Department of Psychiatric Nursing
  • (2008-current) Medical Nursing Review Committee
  • (2009-current) Clinical Group Review Committee
  • (2010-current) Brandon University Research Committee
  • (2010-current) International Committee
  • (2011-current) Department of Psychiatric Nursing Visionary Committee

Current Research Project:

  • (2009-current) Aboriginal Women and Recovery from Alcohol Abuse: Karen Doty-Sweetnam  and Dr. D. Noreen Ek
  •  (March 2011) Co-applicant: Community-University Research Alliance (CURA), Rural and Northern Community Response to Intimate Partner Violence.    ($1, 000, 000. 00 grant)

Scholarly Activity and Papers Submitted for Publication in Peer Reviewed Journals:

  • (2009) Course reviewer for Medical Nursing
  • (2009-2010) Course Reviewer for IPI, IPII, IPIII.
  • (2009) Course creator and professor: 69:379 Addictions
  • (2010) New document: Student Evaluation and Improvement Plan
  • (2010) New document: Incident Report Form
  • (2010) New document: Student Clinical Evaluation Form

1) Recruitment and Retention of Psychiatric Nursing Faculty in Canada: Karen Doty-Sweetnam and Dr. N. D. Ek. Paper presented at the World Congress of Psychiatric Nursing 2010.

2) Safeguarding student well-being: establishing a respectful learning environment in undergraduate psychiatric/mental health education:  P. J. Morrissette and K. Doty-Sweetnam, Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: Volume 17, Issue 6, 2010.

3) Co-applicant: Community-University Research Alliance (CURA), Rural and Northern Community Response to Intimate Partner Violence. (2010)     ($1, 000, 000. 00 grant) – granted March 2011

4) Co-applicant: Letter of Intent for Health Studies Transition Program (2010), Aboriginal Health Human Resource Initiative ($320, 000, 00 grant) – denied

5) Social Determinants of Métis Health: Why are Métis People At-Risk for Mental Health Issues?  Paper presented. (see Conferences) Karen Doty-Sweetnam 2010 Appointed Reviewer:  The Canadian Journal of Native Studies

2010 Appointed Reviewer: The Canadian Journal of Native Studies

1)      Book Review: Caregiving on the Periphery: Historical Perspectives on Nursing and Midwifery in Canada, Edited by Myra Rutherdale. Review will be published in the Spring 2011 edition.

2)      Manuscript Review: MS#201-25

3)      Manuscript Review: MS#2009-10

4)      Manuscript Review: MS# 2010-37

5)      Manuscript Review: MS# 2010-29

6)      Manuscript Review: MS# 2010-36

7)      Manuscript Review for a second time: MS#2010-25 (June 2011)

Textbook Review: Nelson Education

May 2011: Textbook Review: Nelson Education, Bridging Health and Healing: Aboriginal Health and Health Care in Canada, 1ce, ISBN: 0176514562

Article Review: Elsevier’s Nurse Education Today

July 2011: Article Review: Elsevier’s Nurse Education Today, Ms. Ref. No.: NET-D-11-00276.

Textbook Review: Pearson Canada’s Mental Health Nursing

August 2011: Review of chapters 5, 10,11,23,26 and 30. Kneisl’s Contemporary Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing.

Textbook Review: Pearson Canada’s Mental Health Nursing

September 2011: Review of chapters 3, 9,25,29,26 and 31. Kneisl’s Contemporary Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications:

  • Recruitment of Aboriginal Students into the Field of Psychiatric Nursing: Karen Doty-Sweetnam, SHS Caring Connections, Issue 3.1, Summer 2009
  • Integrated Practicum I – A New Opportunity: Dan Taylor and Karen Doty-Sweetnam, SHS Caring Connections, Issue 2.3, Winter 2008.

Conference Presentations:

1. World Conference for Psychiatric Nursing 2010 (March) Recruitment and Retention of Psychiatric Nursing Faculty in Canada:  Karen Doty-Sweetnam and Dr. N. D. Ek

2. Presentation Requested: De Pierre-Esprit Radisson a Louis Riel 2010 (November), St. Boniface, MB. Social Determinants of Métis Health: Why are Métis People At-Risk for Mental Health Issues?  Karen Doty-Sweetnam and Shantelle Rank (3rd year Psychiatric Nursing Student).

Karen is a strong advocate for social justice and equality for ALL people. Her area of research is focused on Aboriginal people, women’s issues and addiction.

In 2010 Karen applied and was accepted to teach and supervise in the Brandon University Faculty of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Health Studies, Department of Psychiatric Nursing program.