Shannon Remers

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology)


Shannon Remers is a dynamic leader with years of experience in evaluation science, clinical outcomes, psychometrics, and knowledge translation in the field of mental health and addiction and brain science. Shannon is an adjunct professor in the Masters of Psychiatric Program, Faculty of Health Studies, Brandon University.


M.Sc. (Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience), Wilfrid Laurier University
B.Sc. (Psychology and Biology), Saint Mary’s University
DIP (Forensic Science), Saint Mary’s University

Research Interests

Shannon’s research focuses on evaluation of evidence based practices in mental health and addiction through clinical outcome and program evaluation. With the goal of improving lives, practical evaluation leads to increased understanding and effective change to improve outcomes of individuals receiving care.


Selected Publications

Costello, J., Li, Y., Remers, S., MacKillop, J., Sousa, S., Ropp, C., Roth, D., Weiss, M., Rush, B. (2019). Effects of 12-step mutual support and professional outpatient services on short-term use outcomes among adults who received inpatient treatment. Addictive Behaviours, 98.

 Preyde, M., Watson, J., Remers, S., & Stuart, R. (2015). Emotional dysregulation, interoceptive deficits, and treatment outcomes in patients with eating disorders. Social Work in Mental Health.

 Obhi, S.S., Matkovich, S. & Chen, R. (2009). Changing the “when” and “what” of intended Actions. Journal of Neurophysiology.

 Obhi, S.S., Matkovich, S. & Gilbert, S.J. (2009). Modification of Planned Actions. Experimental Brain Research.