Tina Curtis

B.Sc.P.N., M.P.N.
Phone: (204) 952-3408
E-Mail:  tcurtis4@shaw.ca


2012-2017         Graduated with a Master of Psychiatric Nursing (MPN), Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba, May 2017.
Thesis topic- Advocacy: The Experience of Psychiatric Nurse Case Managers.

1996- 2000        Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (BScPN), Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba, May 2000.


 Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) with the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (CRPNM).


Clinical Nurse Specialist- Mental Health Program, Clinical Director- HSC Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team
June 2015-Present        Health Sciences Centre,  PZ207- 771 Bannatyne Ave,   Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3N4                
In this role, my nursing activities are organized according to the five domains of practice associated with the Strong Model of advanced nursing practice: direct comprehensive care, support of systems, education, research, and professional leadership. I provide clinical consultation and expertise to approximately 300 mental health nurses in a setting that includes acute psychiatric units, outpatient clinics, and psychiatric emergency.  I am actively involved in knowledge translation, which includes the development and dissemination of clinical practice guidelines and policies (as applicable) for the Mental Health Program at HSC and for the health region. I act as a resource for the MH Regional Educator Group and assist with researching best practices and curriculum development for continuing education activities. I participate in classroom teaching as needed. I collaborate with many disciplines within the Mental Health Program, tertiary care centre, and health authority.  I also oversee the CISM team, which is a peer-lead service that provides pre-incident education, one-on-one support, defusings, and debriefings for employees of the largest hospital in Manitoba following traumatic events in the workplace.

Nurse Therapist
April 2012-June 2015         Health Sciences Centre, STEP Program, 771 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 3N4
I provided ongoing follow-up to adults living with a primary schizophrenia/schizoaffective diagnosis. I was expected to function with minimal supervision and manage a case load of about 140 individuals.  I worked in collaboration with two treating psychiatrists and other allied health professionals to provide direct outpatient care. I developed and co-lead a Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Psychosis Group and I provided supportive psychotherapy to patients and their families, psycho-education, problem solving, medication management and/ or arranged inpatient admission. This role had a community outreach component and required regular collaboration with community supports.  I responded in writing to consultation requests and letters of referral from community agencies and General Practitioners. It was essential that I be skilled at crisis intervention and have the ability to coordinate the resources of all health professionals and make referrals to appropriate agencies.  I regularly participated in peer supervision which included literature reviews, consultation and reflective practice either directly or through mirrored work with other nurse therapists.

Mental Health Consult Liaison Nurse
July 2011-April 2012/May 2009-Sept 2009         Health Sciences Centre, Mental Health Program,  771 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 3N4
This role is unique within the province of Manitoba. It is a nursing led service that provides direct comprehensive care of emotional needs, mental health consultation, and treatment recommendations.  I collaborated with patients, families and any member of multidisciplinary teams from over 30 different units within the adult medical and surgical programs of the General Hospital. I was expected to be a role model for mental health and work with minimal supervision. Excellent assessment, interviewing, psychotherapeutic, organizational and problem solving skills were essential to function within the busy, chaotic environments served. I supported systems and utilized strong interpersonal skills to assist with conflict resolution and crisis management. Other duties included regularly providing newsletters, seminars and educational presentations on a variety of mental health related topics to individuals or teams.

Nurse Therapist
April 2011-June 2011         Health Sciences Centre, Mood Disorders Program, 771 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 3N4
I filled in as a Nurse Therapist within the ambulatory care portion of the Mood Disorders Program for three months. As the duration of this term was short, there was an expectation that I had to adapt quickly to the demands of the role and maintain the status quo for a busy clinic. I was able to successfully draw on my previous experiences in advanced clinical positions to allow for a smooth transition back for the returning Nurse Therapist. I managed her patient load of approximately 90 adult patients with primary mood disorder diagnosis, independently and in consultation with the two treating psychiatrists.

Nurse Therapist
Aug 2006-Aug 2008         Health Sciences Centre, General Psychiatry Program, 771 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 3N4
In this role I provided outpatient follow-up to adult outpatients living with a primary Axis I and II diagnosis. I was expected to function with minimal supervision and managed a patient load of between 90-100 individuals for a period of two years. I consulted with three treating psychiatrists to provide direct comprehensive care. As part of this, I managed and implemented the patient intake process and accepted new patients for psychiatric assessment. I responded in writing to consultation requests and letters of referral from community agencies and General Practitioners.

General Duty Nurse
Feb 2001-April 2011         Health Sciences Centre, Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, 771 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 3N4
I worked on the adult inpatient unit, PY3-South for nine years (outside of term positions). Within the primary nursing care model, I became skilled at working with individuals experiencing behavioral issues associated with an acute phase of major mental illness, co-occurring substance abuse or developmental delay diagnosis. I provided rapid assessment of both mental and physical care needs, applied treatment and arranged discharge from hospital appropriate to the individual as part of the treatment team. Main duties included support and psycho-education to patients and families through interactions, psychopharmacology and consulting with various health care disciplines within the hospital and community agencies.  I was on multiple committees and was expected to regularly participate in nursing literature reviews and attend team meetings. I acted in a variety of leadership roles, often as charge nurse or as a preceptor to nursing students.

General Duty Nurse
May 2000-Feb 2001         Health Sciences Centre, Mental Health Program, 771 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3E 3N4
I worked as a general duty nurse at the PsycHealth Centre for the Schizophrenia Treatment and Education Program, PY3-North and Mood Disorders Program, PX2 inpatient units. I also worked casual shifts on all inpatient units within the Mental Health Program including those within Child and Adolescent Mental Health.


Graduate School

  • Focused on CBT for Psychosis and Motivational Interviewing for individuals living with schizophrenia. Health Sciences Centre. Winnipeg, Mb. 77 hours.  May-July, 2014.
  • Co-lead Mood Disorders Program CBT group for depression in collaboration with an attending psychiatrist. Health Sciences Centre. Winnipeg, Mb.  64 hours. Jan-April, 2014.


  •  Facilitator for Winnipeg Recovery Network Self-Assessment Day. April 2017.
  • Designed, implemented, co-lead, a 12-week outpatient CBT group for Psychosis in collaboration with allied health professionals. 2015-2017.
  • I creatively developed and implemented ideas consistent with the Psychiatric Intensive Care Units’ shared vision of recovery and reduction of the use of seclusion and restraint.  I mentored a psychiatric nursing student through a literature search and the creation of a Wellness Cart. This became part of a culture change and eventually evolved into the development of a designated room on PY3-South used to assist patients in reducing stress and anxiety. 2010-2011.
  • Provided formal mentorship to two nursing grads requiring additional orientation and guidance. 2010-2011.
  • Preceptor to multiple nursing students at varying levels in their education.
  • Presenter for young women at the Junior Achievement Manitoba, World of Choices Career Symposium about Registered Psychiatric Nursing as a career choice. May 2008.
  • Profile created on the internet site for Career Destinations Manitoba highlighting my career choice as a psychiatric nurse for those considering this profession. 2007.
  • In 2005, identified, along with other grassroots staff, lack of formal knowledge in Mental Health for support staff; assisted to develop and implement the Paraprofessional Competency Program to address this gap. This continues to be an expectation of employment for support staff in the Mental Health Program at the Health Science Centre.


2015-Present           MH Nursing Practice Committee, member (Chairperson 2004-2006)

2006-Present           MH Nurse Therapists Peer Supervision/Nurse IV Group, member

2015-Present           MH Program Management Group (PMG), member

2015-Present           MH Monthly Interdisciplinary Management Mtg (MIC), member

2015-Present           HSC Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) Committee, Chairperson

2015-Present           HSC Policy Committee, MH Program representative

2016-Present           HSC Pressure Ulcer Steering Committee, MH Program representative

2015-Present           WRHA MH Quality Improvement Committee, member

2015-Present           WRHA MH Joint Operations Committee, member

2015-Present           WRHA MH Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee, member

2015-Present           WRHA MH Educators Group, Chairperson

2016-Present           WRHA MH Risk Assessment Working Group, member

2017-Present           WRHA Violence Prevention Program (VPP) Steering Committee, MH Program representative

2015-Present           CNS Interest Group of Manitoba, member

2006-Present           CRPNM Continuing Competence, auditor

2006-Present           CRPNM, Quality Assurance Committee for the CRPNM, member

2012-2013               Exam writer for the Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada (RPNC) for the national registration exam for psychiatric nurses. Ottawa, Ont.

2006-2012               Health Sciences Centre Wide Nursing Excellence Awards Committee, Chairperson

2009-2011               PY3-South Recovery Group Committee, Chairperson

2006-2009               Member of the Professional Practice Committee for the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba.

2004-2006               HSC Centre Wide Nursing Practice Council, MH Program representative.

2004-2006               Co-occurring Disorder Initiative Committee- Representative for PY3-South, Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit.

Nov 2005                Successfully completed the Dorothy Wylie Nursing Leadership course offered by the University of Toronto after being selected by the CNO/VP of the Health Sciences Centre to attend.

2004-2005               Member of the Abstract Selection Committee for the 2005 Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses Conference in Winnipeg


  •  Foundations of Mental Health (2-day orientation for newly hired individuals to the WRHA Mental Health Program, ongoing). I am currently responsible for re-designing curriculum for the orientation process.
  • WRHA Suicide Assessment Course (1-day workshop, ongoing)
  • 6-Core Strategy for the Reduction of Seclusion &Restraint (1-day workshop, ongoing)
  • Beginner & Advanced Critical Incident Stress Management (2-day workshop, ongoing)
  • PsycHealth Centre Orientation (1/2 day, ongoing).
  • Manitoba Mental Health Act for University of Manitoba, BN students. (1/2 day, May 2016)
  • Violence De-Escalation for University of Manitoba, Clinical Health Psychology students(Spring, 2016)


  •  Why Isn’t My Patient Coping Very Well? In Mind Over Matter, an in-house newsletter written and distributed quarterly by the Adult Mental Health Consult Liaison Nursing Service to all staff at the Health Sciences Centre. Winnipeg, Mb. January 2012.
  • How Do I Tell My Children I’m Sick? In Mind Over Matter. Health Sciences Centre. Winnipeg, Mb. September 2011.
  • Managing Dementia Related Behaviors. Part 2. In Mind Over Matter. Health Sciences Centre. Winnipeg, Mb. July 2009.
  •  Unlocking the Doors- Recovery on a Locked Psychiatric Unit. World Congress for Psychiatric Nurses Conference. March 2010. Vancouver, B.C. Poster presentation with Debra Melanson, RPN.
  • It’s Not Just for Nurses! Including the Para-Professional in Competency Based Training in Mental Health. World Congress for Psychiatric Nurses Conference. May 2006. Calgary, Alberta. Poster presentation.  Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses Conference. May 2005.
  • Winnipeg, Mb. Paper presentation with Brenda Slater, RN. PsycHealth Centre, Mental Health Program Nursing Grand Rounds. May 2005.


  •  Syrian & Other Eastern Refugee Workshop (1-day). Jan 2017.
  • WRHA Introduction to Evidence Informed Decision Making (1-day workshop).  Nov 2016.
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Skills Training (2-day). Oct 2016.
  • WRHA Wound Care Level I (LMS), August 2016
  • WRHA Violence Prevention Program (LMS) July 2016
  • Relationships & Resiliency:  Creating Healing Environments Within Families & Organizations. Conference by Sandra Bloom. (1-day).  March 2016.
  • Psychiatric Education Day renewed yearly which includes Code Blue, Red, White, Medical 25, WHIMIS, and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Refreshers.
  • Motivational Interviewing for Depression & Anxiety- with Dr. Henny Westra. May 5&6, 2014.
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Course –with Linda Newton, Basic Level, October 2013 and Advanced Level, November 2013.
  • Suicide Prevention Workshop with Shawn Christopher Shea. July, 2013.
  • World Congress for Psychiatric Nurses. Banff, Ab. 2015; Winnipeg, Mb. May 2013; Vancouver, BC. March 2010; Calgary, Ab. 2006; Winnipeg, Mb. May 2004.
  • 6 -Core Strategies for the Reduction of Seclusion & Restraint. (2- day workshop) facilitated by Kevin Ann Huckshorn & Janice Lebel. PsycHealth Centre. Winnipeg, Mb. March 2011.
  • Complicated Grief. (1-day workshop) facilitated by Katherine Shear, MD. Health Sciences Centre. Winnipeg, Mb. June 2009.
  • Medications and the Older Adult. Educational session presented by Winnipeg Regional Health Authority for Excellence in Care of Older Adult series. June 2009.
  • Boomers, Xs, Ys, and More: Generational Diversity. Health Sciences Centre. March 2009.
  • Health Sciences Centre Psychotherapy Course. Sept-May 2008.
  • Voices of Resiliency” National Conference by Manitoba Schizophrenia Society. Winnipeg, Mb. July 2006.
  • Health Sciences Centre Enhancing Your Preceptor Skills (1-day workshop). April 2003.
  • Real Problems, Real Solutions VII. A one day symposium and workshop for Mental Health Care Providers. Winnipeg, Mb. September 2002.
  • Certificate in HIV Pre and Post Test Counselling, Health Sciences Centre. May 2002.
  • Hearing Voices Workshop. Manitoba Schizophrenia Society. March 2000.


May 2014- Recipient of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses’ Foundation Excellence in Psychiatric Nursing Practice Award- Clinical.
May 2005- Health Sciences Centre Nursing Excellence Award recipient.