Bachelor of Science in Mental Health

The Faculty of Health Studies offers a post-diploma baccalaureate program for Registered Psychiatric Nurses leading to a Bachelor of Science in Mental Health (B.Sc.M.H.). The curriculum recognizes previous education and work experience. It prepares students as generalists, with an area of concentration in mental health/developmental habilitation. The program combines education in professional areas with studies in Arts and Science and consists of 67 credit hours. Full or part-time study my be selected. Students are required to complete program requirements within 8 years of enrollment into the first (69) post-diploma course.

What are my career opportunities?

The B.Sc.M.H. graduate will have the ability to:

  1. provide developmental/mental health care in institutions or in the community for individuals, groups and/or families with acute or chronic psychiatric/psychosocial disorders or developmental habilitation needs;
  2. assume beginning leadership responsibilities associated with direction of other members of the health care team and of the delivery of mental health care services; and
  3. facilitate learning and initiate activities which promote developmental/mental health potential and prevention of psychiatric and psychosocial disorders.

Is the program available through distance education?

The Faculty of Health Studies has developed several courses using distance strategies for delivery within Manitoba. Scheduling of these courses depends upon student demand and faculty availability. It is important to note that the program cannot be completed entirely through distance delivery. Please contact the Advisor, Post-Diploma Studies for more information at (204) 772-0377, extension 884.

Who can apply?

Applications will be accepted from students who have graduated from an approved diploma program in psychiatric nursing. Applicants must be eligible for active practicing membership with the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (C.R.P.N.M.).

Where do I apply?

Applications forms are available from the Faculty of Health Studies, Department of Psychiatric Nursing, Brandon University, 270 – 18th Street, Brandon, Manitoba, R7A 6A9, Telephone: (204) 772-0377 (extension 884),  Email

Completed application forms and other required documents should be forwarded to the Admissions Office, Brandon University, Telephone: (204) 727-9784 FAX: (204) 725-2143 as early as possible.

How do I apply?

Please submit the following information upon application to the Bachelor of Science in Mental Health (BScMH) Program:

  • Completed application forms (available from Department of Psychiatric Nursing)
  • Official transcript of marks from RPN Program (obtained from School of Nursing/College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba)
  • Official transcript of marks from all Universities or Colleges attended
  • Copy of active practicing membership in CRPN (or evidence showing eligibility for membership)
  • Copy of Marriage certificate (if appropriate)
  • Completion of a recent (year or less) Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Typed resume which addresses the following:previous educationwork experienceprofessional membershipscommunity activitiesshort and long term career goals

Please submit completed application form, with the following supporting documents (or have them forwarded from the institution or agency) to the following address:

Admissions Office

Brandon University

270 – 18th Street

Brandon, MB R7A 6A9

Please note: Applicants will be required to provide evidence of current immunization status, upon acceptance to the program. There is an application fee of $60.00 for students not previously registered at Brandon University. Please submit your fee with your application or it will not be processed.

How are students selected for the program?

The Post-Diploma Admissions Committee reserves the right to select candidates. Selection is based on performance in the diploma and other post-secondary programs, employment experience, and involvement in relevant professional and community activities. In cases where applicants have equal qualifications, preference is given to those who have completed applicable course work beyond the nursing diploma at any university in Manitoba. Preference is given to Canadian citizens or permanent residents currently living in the province of Manitoba.

How do I know if I am accepted?

Each applicant whose admission has been approved will receive a Letter of Acceptance from the Brandon University Admissions Office. Applications who do not meet admission criteria may appeal to the Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee. Applicants who are not accepted in any given admission period must reapply if they wish to be considered for any succeeding admission.

What if I can’t attend?

If unable to attend after official acceptance, please notify the Brandon University Admissions Office at (204)727-9784 and the Faculty of Health Studies as soon as possible at (204)727-7403.

Where can I apply for scholarships, awards or bursaries?

Brandon University offers a variety of scholarships each year. For more information, please call the Awards Office at (204) 727-9737.

Where can I find accommodation?

Students looking for accommodation in one of Brandon University’s three residence halls may call (204) 727-7394 Fax (204) 727-4713 for more information and an application, or write:

Residence Hall Programs Office

Brandon University

270-18th Street

Brandon MB

R7A 6A9

Who can I contact for program advising?

Academic advice is provided by the Post-diploma student advisor. All declared or prospective students are encouraged to consult with the Faculty advisor prior to designing their program and on an annual basis thereafter. Course registration forms must be signed by the Faculty advisor before they will be accepted at the Student Records office. Please make an appointment at (204) 571-8559 or email:

What are the rules and regulations of the program?

All Brandon University General Rules and Regulations apply as outlined in the Brandon University General Calendar. Please refer to the Psychiatric Nursing program policies.

What are the practica course field work requirements?

  1. Expenses – Clinical experience in Brandon/Winnipeg, the surrounding area or in other locations is an essential part of the program. Students are responsible for all expenses.
  2. Policies – Students are responsible for complying with the policies of any agency selected for clinical experience.
  3. Immunizations – Students are required to provide evidence of up-to-date immunization records prior to receiving approval for practica course registration.
  4. Professional Memberships – Students will be required to provide evidence of active practicing membership in the professional body in the provincial jurisdiction in which each practicum-based course is completed. Proof must be submitted to the Faculty before commencement in the course will be approved.
  5. All students must have a criminal records check and a child abuse registry check.

Professional conduct expectations of the program?

Students are expected to provide safe, ethical care to clients. The Faculty may require any student to withdraw from its practicum program, based on consideration of competence, professional conduct, or health. If a student has been absent for medical reasons the Faculty may require a medical certificate indicating the physician’s opinion regarding the student’s fitness to return to the clinical practice setting. Decisions will be made by the Faculty of Health Studies. The ethics, standards and legalities of the professional associations will be considered in every situation. The student may initiate an appeal according to University guidelines. All Brandon University General Rules and Regulations apply as outlined in the Brandon University General Calendar. Please refer to Professional Conduct Policy for Psychiatric Nursing.

Grade requirements of the program?

All students must achieve a “C” (2.0) grade in all (69) health studies psychiatric nursing courses. An overall grade point average of 2.5 in the degree line is required for graduation. Students who obtain a grade of less than “C” in a (69) Health Studies psychiatric nursing course may repeat the course once. Students will be allowed to repeat up to two (69) Health Studies psychiatric nursing courses.

Can I transfer credits into the program or receive credit for previous experience outside an academic setting?

  1. Students who have obtained courses equivalent to (69) Health Studies psychiatric nursing courses at another institution, with a “C” grade or better, can transfer applicable course credits into the B.Sc.M.H. program. Please contact the Admissions Office at (204) 727-9784 or FAX: (204) 725-2143 to request a course transfer.
  2. Students using the diploma as the basis of admission, may not transfer courses that were included in the diploma program.
  3. Students with university level knowledge and skills attained outside the usual academic setting may apply to have their experience assessed for academic credits, which can be used to complete their degree program.  For more information on PLAR, please contact:   Gary McNeely, PLAR Coordinator, Office of the Registrar, Room 101-2S, McKenzie Building, Phone:  204-727-7300, email:

What is the residency requirement of the program?

  1. For students seeking the post-diploma program: Of the 61 credit hours required to graduate with a B.Sc.M.H. at least 31 credit hours of Brandon University courses are required, including at least 22 credit hours of Psychiatric Nursing (69) courses, (including senior practicum).
  2. Students who are seeking the B.Sc.M.H. as a second degree are required to complete at least 28 credit hours of Brandon University courses, at least 22 of which are Psychiatric Nursing (69) courses (including senior practicum).

What are the program requirements for second degree students?

  1. Students who have completed a first undergraduate degree and who are seeking the B.Sc.M.H. as a second degree are required to complete a minimum of 34 credit hours but no more than 46, depending on previous education. Previous education will be assessed by the post-diploma Faculty of Health Studies Committee to determine specific courses that second degree students will be required to complete, within the range of 34-46 credit hours.
  2. Students who are seeking the post-diploma program and already have a B.G.S. degree from Brandon University (based on the R.P.N. diploma plus 48 credit hours of university courses) will be required to complete all 61 credit hours of the curriculum. If students have completed required courses of the curriculum within the B.G.S. degree, they will be required to take (an) alternate courses(s) as approved by the Faculty of Health Studies in order to complete the required 61 credit hours. Alternatively, students who choose to do so, may surrender the B.G.S. degree (based on the R.P.N. diploma) and use these credits towards the post-diploma baccalaureate degree.

Must I be enrolled in the program to take courses?

Permission may be granted by the course instructor for students enrolled in other programs to take some of the (69) Heath Studies psychiatric nursing courses. Where courses of the Faculty of Health Studies are “capped”, preference for registration will be given to enrolled students in the B.Sc.M.H. degree for whom sequencing is essential for graduation. Please consult the current Timetable for course availability.

What is the B.Sc.M.H. Curriculum outline?

Required (69) Health Studies Course 34 Cr. Hrs.
Required Arts/Science 12 Cr. Hrs.
Health Studies/Arts/Science Electives 15 Cr. Hrs.
TOTAL 61 Cr. Hrs.

Required (69) Health Studies Courses (34 Credit Hours)

Crs. #.
Course Title
Cr. Hrs.
69:251 Principles of Health Assessment 3
69:360 Community Health 4
69:367 Family Counselling 3
69:453 Issues in Professional Practice 3
69:454 Leadership in Professional Practice 3
69:457 Intro to Health Research Methods 3
69:472 Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery 4
69:474 Philosophical Perspectives for Practice 3
69:444 Senior Practicum 8

Required Arts/Science (12 Credit Hours)

Crs. #.
Course Title
Cr. Hrs.
90:259 Sociology of Medical Systems 3
94:132 Human Anatomy & Physiology 6
OR if 94:132 was taken at a university level as part of the diploma program, students will take 6 additional credit hours of electives (100 level or above).

One of the following:

62:171 Intro to Statistics 3
82:250 Fund of Psychological Research-I
90:294 Social Research Methods II

Electives (15 Credit Hours)

Health Studies/Science/Arts (100 level or above) 3
Health Studies/Science/Arts (200 level or above) 12

What are the B.Sc.M.H. program policies?

Bachelor of Science in Mental Health Post Diploma Student Awards

Student Must Apply
1 Dr.Mieczyslaw Kozakiewicz and Marian Thomas Kozakiewicz Scholarship $1,300.00 To be awarded, normally on a rotating basis, to a student in one of the following programs of study: a) a student at Brandon University who has been accepted into a graduate program in environmental studies at a Canadian University; b) a Brandon University student who has been accepted into first year Medicine at any Canadian University; c) a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Brandon University; d) a 3rd year student proceeding to the fourth year in History at Brandon university. This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence by application. Yes
1 Dave Balance A.C.T. Memorial Scholarship $1,600.00 To be awarded on the basis of academic achievement to a Registered Nurse or Registered Psychiatric Nurse from Western Manitoba who is entering the first year of the post-diploma program, has demonstrated excellence in their professional association, has achieved academic distinction and is registered as a full-time Nursing student in the first year of the post-diploma program with a minimum of 12 credit hours. (Currently under review) No
1 Canada Life Assurance Company Scholarships at Brandon University Two (2) awards @ $700.00 each To be awarded to an outstanding entering or undergraduate students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (B.Sc.P.N.) and the Post-Diploma Program for Registered Nurses leading to B.Sc.N. or Post-Diploma Program for Registered Psychiatric Nurses leading to B.Sc.M.H. at Brandon University. Two (2) awards to be awarded to two (2) students. Yes
1 Lippincott Book Award Book To be awarded to an undergraduate student demonstrating excellence in the course: Comprehensive Health Assessment. (Currently under review)
1 Lois A. McCulloch Scholarship $500.00 To be awarded to the nursing student who has demonstrated the highest achievement in the first year of the post-diploma degree program with a g.p.a of at least 3.5 on courses used for the degree and who is proceeding to the second year. (Currently under review) No
1 Dr. N. Demchuk Memorial Scholarship in Nursing $670.00 To be awarded to a student proceeding to the Second Year of the post-diploma degree program in Nursing for highest standing in the nursing courses. This award is open to both full and part-time students who have completed all the nursing courses required in first year of the program. (Currently under review) No
1 Margaret B. Bruce Scholarship $300.00 To be awarded on the basis of academic performance and financial need to a Manitoba student who has completed at least 30 credit hours towards the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc.N.) at Brandon University. Preference will be given to a rural Manitoba student. (Currently under review) Yes
1 Bachelor of Science in Mental Health Undergraduate Award $500.00 To be awarded to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Mental Health program who has attained at least 34 credit hours towards the degree, has shown excellence in therapeutic relationships with clients and families and is recognized as being an outstanding role model in the profession of psychiatric nursing. Currently under review) No