BScPN Curriculum

The School does not require that specific courses be taken by the applicant as part of their high school education. The following Grade 12 subjects however would be beneficial for anyone considering a degree in psychiatric nursing: English 40, Math 40S (Pre-Calculus or Applied), and Sciences 40S (Biology or Chemistry).

The program combines psychiatric nursing education with studies in Arts and Science and consists of a total of 124 credit hours of university coursework leading to a Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing.

Required (69) Health Studies Courses 99 Cr. Hrs.
Required Arts/Science 21 Cr. Hrs.
Electives 3 Cr. Hrs.
TOTAL 124 Cr. Hrs.

Plus clinical practice and laboratory hours

* Please note that as part of the core curriculum students will be required to attend classes during the Spring Session (May-June or June-July) after completion of second and third year courses.

This curriculum outline contains changes from previous years. Students admitted to the B.Sc.P.N. degree as of May 2007 are required to follow the program as outlined. Students admitted prior to May 2007 may elect to follow the curriculum in place at the time they entered the program, or they may elect to select the current curriculum. However, students must complete the full program requirement for the programs elected. Previous calendars are available on-line

Pre-Psychiatric Nursing Year

69:151 Health Promotion: Developmental Transitions Throughout the Lifespan 3
69:152 Fundamentals of Psychiatric Nursing Practice I 3
69:161 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication 3

Required Arts/Science (21 credit hours)

82:160 Intro Psychology Part I 3
82:161 Intro Psychology Part II 3
90:154 Intro Sociology 3
90:259 The Sociology of Medical Systems 3
15:171 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 3
15:172 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 3
And One of the following (3 credit hours)
62:171 Introduction to Statistics
82:250 Fundamentals of Psychological Research 1
90:294 Social Research Methods II

Year Two

69:153 Fundamentals of Psychiatric Nursing Practice II 3
69:251 Principles of Health Assessment 3
69:252 Psychopharmacology 3
69:253 Fundamentals of Psychiatric Nursing Practice III 3
69:255 Integrated Practicum 1 3
69:261 Principles of Individual Counselling 3
69:262 Medical Nursing for Psychiatric Nurses 8
69:265 Integrated Practicum II 3
69:363 Psychopathology 3

Year Three

69:271 Psychiatric Nursing for Elderly Persons 1.5
69:272 Introductions to Palliative Care 1.5
69:346 Integrated Practicum III 6
69:360 Community Health 4
69:364 Therapeutic Groups 3
69:366 Acute Mental Health Challenges 3
69:367 Family Counselling 3
69:377 Developmental Challenges 4
69:379 Addictions 3
69:380 Interpersonal Abuse 3

Year Four

69:359 Psychiatric Nursing with Children and Adolescents 3
69:442 Integrative Clinical Practicum 8
69:454 Leadership in Professional Practice 3
69:457 Introduction to Health Research Methods 3
69:472 Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery 4
69:473 Contemporary Perspectives on Professional Health Issues 3
69:474 Philosophical Perspectives for Practice 3