Clinical Expectations

Clinical experience is an essential part of the B.Sc.P.N. program. The student will learn assessment techniques, fundamental nursing skills, therapeutic communication skills, counselling techniques and medication administration.

Criminal Records, Adult Abuse Registry Check and Child Abuse Registry Checks are required for admission. Some agencies will require that these records be updated prior to the clinical experience.

Fieldwork Requirements

  1. Applicants are advised that clinical experience in Winnipeg, Brandon, and the surrounding area or in other locations is an essential part of the programs. Students are responsible for all expenses incurred, for example; transportation, room and board.
  2. Students are responsible for complying with the policies of any agency selected for clinical experience.
  3. All accepted applicants will be required to provide evidence ot current immunizations and B.Sc.P.N. students will be required to have a valid B.C.L.S. (Basic Cardiac Life Support) certificate (Health Care Provider Level) prior to participation in clinical practice. Students who do not produce a current immunization record cannot participate in clinical practice experiences. All students must sign an Oath of Confidentiality prior to participation in clinical practice.
  4. Integrated Practica are not subject to Prior Learning Assessment. B.Sc.P.N. Senior Practicum – see Faculty of Health Studies B.Sc.P.N. Senior Practicum Policy.

It is a fundamental expectation that students provide safe, ethical care to clients. The Faculty may require any student to withdraw from a clinical course or the program, based on consideration of competence, professional conduct, or health.