Plant Problems Chart

Symptoms Cause Cure
Yellowing leaves.
Soft stems.
Wilted leaves.
Dropping leaves.
Too much water. Allow plant to dry out.
Trim off yellow leaves.
If possible put outdoors in shade to revive.
Lower leaves drop off.
Plants have no luster and not growing well.
Leaves dry and crackling.
Not enough humidity. Mist plants.
Plants droop.
Doesn’t grow and lower leaves yellow.
Dull foliage.
Not enough water. Place plants in warm water for 40 seconds.
Increase watering but do not overwater.
Plants usually die or new growth is misshapen. Overfed. Immerse pot in warm water for a couple of minutes.
Allow to drain.
Plants lack luster, color fades and doesn’t grow.
Leaves yellowing, tips browning.
Underfed. Start regular feedings.
Plants wilts or fades. Too much light. Move to lesser light.
Leaves fall off, plant gets tall and spindley. Not enough light. Move into better light.
Black spots on leaves. Draft. Move plant to better area.
White fuzz on leaves, stems. Mealybug. Spray with Insecticidal soap.
Web like matter on leaves and stems. Red Spider. Spray with Insecticidal soap.