Winter Drying


  • Drooping and bending needles
  • Chlorosis, foliar browning, and reddening die back of twigs
  • cracks in the trunk, scald


  • Late summer pruning follwed by freezing causes sever dieback and retard cold acclimation
  • Roots sustain damage when severe freezing weather occurs in absence of snow cover.
  • Drought also increases the winter damage due to the stress.


  • Water well until freeze up.
  • Fertilize once now before the end of May and then no more. Fertilize conifers with a 30-10-10 fertilizer (such as Rx-30).
  • Make a burlap screen around the tree to keep it out of the sun. Do not wrap the burlap directly around the tree as this promotes fungal activity causing more problems.
  • Spray with antitranpirant which closes the stomata therefore decreasing the water loss. This can be purchased at Patmore’s, Lindenburg’s, and MacKenzie’s, and a variety of products; Shrub Saver, Wilt Pruf Plant Protector, and Leaf Shine.