Bothered by Ants?

Ants can be repelled from getting in houses by spraying with registered insecticide around the foundation in the spring and fall. Insecticide can also be drenched into the ant ill to try to eliminate the source of the problem. Insecticides should be used with care if there are animals or small children around. An organic method for deterring ants is to spray citrus oils, (orange or lemon) around the foundation of the house, or use pepper sprays. The traps can also be made using one cup of borax to one cup of sugar. This could be set out in dishes or sprinkled where one sees the ants.

Ants are usually associated with aphids. To eliminate aphids spray infected trees, shrubs and garden plants with soapy water (2 tbsp dish washing liquid per 1 gallon water). A root drench with Cygon 2-E around infected plants (non-vegetable) will also kill aphids. For trees, a band (one inch for small trees, 2 inches for large) of dimethoate (Cygon 2-E) can be painted around the trunk of the tree just below the first lateral branch.

By Dr. Paton and Vicki East